Wednesday is a list.

Instead of pictures.

Sorry ’bout it. I just have an absolutely insane week and to try to compose anything more than a list would cause my head to explode.


List. Here we go.

1. CMAs

It is a big week in Nashville- CMA Awards and the like. Make sure you watch the awards tonight on TV! I could not be more proud to tell you that one of my dearest friends is the SESAC Songwriter of the Year. I squealed. A lot. Hillary is an absolute gift in my life. And I’ll tell you this- the amazing songwriter she is pales in comparison to the woman of God she is in her normal life. But they don’t give awards for that.


Mi amigo Dave Barnes released a Christmas album yesterday and May I humbly, but highly, suggest you purchase one for yourself.


Dave and Hillary [see how I did that? combining #1 and #2? Skillz, y’all. Skillz.]… well, they sang a song together on Dave’s album and it’s the cutest thing going. And there is a super holiday-ey music video that is totally worth a watch. Not to mention that JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT stars in it.

That’s right. Kids Incorporated… looks like you made it, JLH.

Here’s a link to the video for “Christmas Tonight“.

4. TOP 10

Also. Please check out the Top 10 Albums right now.

Taylor Swift + Dave + REBA! + Mumford & Sons? That’s my kind of Top 10, iTunes. Well played.


It’s time. With a book coming out soon [Like, surprisingly soon. *faint*] and a need to find a place for students who read the book/hear me speak to congregate, it was time to make a Fan Page on Facebook.

Will you please like me?

Though the content and conversation will be geared towards my book’s audience [which is Christian girls 15-25 yrs old], you are ALL welcome on the facebook page. There will be some exclusive book stuff going on there, so that’ll be cool.

Also. And you are really going to enjoy this, I liked myself first.

And it showed up on all my friends’ newsfeeds.

“Annie Downs likes Annie Downs.”

Oops. That could have gone better. The good news? Unlike Annie Downs 1990-2002 who did NOT like herself one bit, I actually do like myself. So at least it was true. 🙂

[By the way, y’all are awesome. I love having friends walk this author road thingy with me. It feels like we are one big happy. So thanks.]

Don’t forget to watch the CMAs tonight- go Lady Antebellum!!

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