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That Sounds Fun Episode 32: Lisa-Jo Baker

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Man, it is always so extra special to me when my longtime friends join me on an episode of the podcast. That is the case today with Lisa-Jo Baker. Years and years of friendship are going to be the filter through which this podcast exists. 🙂 Lisa-Jo is an incredible friend, a mighty good author, and just an all around fun person to talk with.

Today we’re celebrating the release of her new book, Never Unfriended, and I think you are going to love all she has to say about it (and the book itself!)

To hear our conversation, you can either subscribe and listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

– Lisa-Jo Baker

Never Unfriended

We Saved You a Seat

Looking for Lovely

John Mark Comer

Adam Weber

Stranger Things

The Goldbergs

Aaron Sorkin

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Beth Moore

Beauty and the Beast


The Little Mermaid

Harry Potter


Rebekah Lyons

Emily P. Freeman

Podcast page!

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

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That Sounds Fun Episode 29: Jennifer Dukes Lee + Craving Connection

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Y’all. I have been DYING to get Jennifer Dukes Lee on the podcast! She is funny and kind and lovely and LOVES TO TALK ABOUT HAPPINESS…. which, as you know, is a favorite topic of mine as well. Jennifer and I both got to contribute to (in)courage’s new book Craving Connection, so you better believe we spent some good time talking about that too.

Hope you enjoy this episode- and make sure to check out Jennifer’s books as well! She’s just the best.

You can either subscribe and listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

Here are the links we discussed in the podcast! 🙂

– Jennifer Dukes Lee

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

Love Idol

The Happiness Dare

Craving Connection 


Jennie Allen

Happiness Dare Happiness Quiz

The Bible Project


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When What You Want Brings Joy and Sadness

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Annie F Downs August (in)courage post

The older I get, the more I realize I can’t often just categorize experiences as GOOD or BAD, painful or happy. It seems that events and moments tend to mix together like a casserole.

I had an experience like this recently, and wrote about it over at (in)courage.

It’s important to me to be honest with you about what this single life feels like- the parts that are a joy and the parts that are hard and the time when it is both.

And so that’s what I tried to do here. Hope you like it. <3

. . . . .

Are you new around these parts? Well welcome!

Hi. I’m Annie.

I love my job and I think it’s awesome.

I get to write books and speak to groups around the country.

(In fact, you can download two free chapters of my most recently released book here!)

You can read more about me here.

. . . . .

I love connecting with new friends, so find me all over the internet:






. . . . .

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

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I wish I really was at a ranch. Particularly Ree’s ranch. Her show on Food Network makes me want to hang out on her ranch and eat her snacks and ride a horse and brand a cattle.

Okay, but really. Here on the ranch known as Annie’s life…

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.50.47 PM

Well. This was a major thing. Marie Claire Magazine listed Let’s All Be Brave as a life-changing read. It was one of those crazy moments where you realize that sometimes people hold your book and you couldn’t imagine what they will say about it. It’s pretty fun to be on this list- I’m really grateful.



Tonight I’m teaching an online class about hospitality and I would love for you to join us. It’ll just be an hour or so, and it’s only $10. I think it will be a pretty fun time- join us if you can! We sold out the original “seating,” but the sweet girls at Influence Network opened up a few more seats in case anyone wanted to sign up today. So sign up and get in your cozies with your hot tea/coffee/whatever, and let’s hang out tonight!



This week I got to issue a challenge to everyone using the MyKLove app. I’ve recorded a couple of different videos that they will share randomly over the next few weeks, so go ahead and download the app. Not only will you see my crazy face on the “challenges” page, but there’s tons more great content in the app. AND it is free. Duh. AND I actually really love it. So download it today!



We are on the last week of the (in)courage Bloom Book Club. It has been so awesome to read the comments as hundreds of women have read Let’s All Be Brave together and I’m super sad it is over. Even if you haven’t participated so far, you can watch all the videos here!



Speaking of (in)courage, I think I may have forgotten to tell you about this- but I wrote a little piece over there about how we all act on Facebook in November… and I made an Ann Voskamp joke, which I just don’t feel like I get to do enough. 🙂




I’m getting ready to send out my November newsletter- if you don’t already get my monthly newsletters with some thoughts and favorites and things I love to share with you guys first, sign up here!


And finally, Saturday November 8th was my blog’s 8th birthday….HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, ANNIEBLOGS! It’s so bizarro to think that we’ve been hanging out here for eight.whole.years. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship and for showing up here through the thick and thin and some definite highs and definite lows. I am deeply deeply grateful for how you each have played a part in the fact I have my dream job.

So thanks x a million. <3

Tomorrow, I’m going to blog alllll about the CMA Awards that I attended last Wednesday night– do y’all have any particular questions you want me to answer?

Week 2 of the Bloom Book Club!

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Oh friends.

So we are on week two of the (in)courage Bloom Book Club. It has already been such a fun experience, connecting with HUNDREDS of readers around the world as they discuss chapters from Let’s All Be Brave.

It feels weird, honestly. But a good weird- a “how in the world did God pick this life for me” weird. It’s weird when you write about personal things like hearing God and moving to new cities and boys and such. It’s a double level of weird when you see a whole slew of people talking about said personal things.

So. Those are my current emotions about the Bloom Book Club. You’re welcome.

Some items I want to make sure you know:

Even if you’ve already read the book, you can totally jump in and watch the videos and join the discussion with us!

If you haven’t read the book, you can totally jump in and watch the videos and join the discussion with us! (And the e-book is only $4 if you wanna grab it and catch up with us!)

If you are reading the book, you can totally jump in and watch the videos and join the discussion with us!


Today’s focus and video are on the two chapters that really hold my heart- Nashville and Edinburgh. You can read the comments in the comment section below the post and maybe, just maybe, you will get teary like I did hearing women discuss the voice of God and brave steps they want to take in their life.

Here are all the details and the schedule of reading so you can keep up with us.

Hope you’ll join us. The videos and conversation just keep getting better and better!!


My Favorite Friday.

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I love this Friday. I love getting things for cheapity cheap cheap.

In fact, my parents just gave me two pieces of luggage yesterday for my birthday. [In July. Of 2011. And 2012. We just get gifts at any point… it’s more exciting that way.] And we bought it with Black Friday sales prices and I could have cried at check-out because of the beautiful discount.

All that to say, I celebrate saving money.

So if you’re buzzing around the internet doing some shopping this weekend, I want to share with you some of my favorite deals I’ve seen while skittering around the internet and watching football and listening to my family discuss why my cousin’s earwax is pink.


. . . . .


Dayspring is doing a Super Deals Sale right now. I like a ton of the super sale stuff, but these four are my absolute favorite…..

Ever Grateful – 12″ x 17″ Large Platter … regularly $35, only $14! I use this platter all the time. To put oreos on. Judge me later.

This Is the Day – Bird Cage Card Holder … This birdcage sits on my merch table at every event and people LOVE it. It usually costs $37, now it’s only $12! It’s my fav.

Bless This Home – Tiered Server … regularly $60, only $20! If you host parties, you will love this.

Ever Grateful – 10″ Taupe Vase … this adorable vase is a great gift for teachers or college students or hostess gift  – it’s usually $22, but now it’s only $7.79! That’s a great price point, I say, to grab up a handful to keep in your gift closet.

Also, you need to know these two things:

1. Use the code 30SUPER to get 30% off everything else at the DaySpring website, like the absolutely lovely Lisa Leonard Faith Collection. Whoa + booyah.

Also, you can shop the clearance section and add the 30% off coupon and my word you’ll be happy.

2. Spend $50 and you get FREE SHIPPING! So buy a birdcage, a platter, and a few vases for gifts and shazaam, free shipping.

. . . . .


I absolutely love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry and for her Black Friday sale, if you order anything today, you will get a FREE PAIR OF GOLD EARRINGS when you enter the code “blackfridaydeal“. What a win. Tell your husband / brother / boyfriend / jewelry purchaser… or, ya know, just get yourself something. 🙂

. . . . .

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you save lots of doll-hairs this weekend as you shop!


Some things you interview me about.

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So today, I think you should interview me. Ready? Go.

. . . . .

Hey Annie. What were you doing in Grand Rapids yesterday?

Well, that’s not really what today’s post is about, but I’ll tell ya. I was getting to meet with a bunch of youth pastors that will be bringing girls to our Girls of Grace event in November. Here’s a pic of it.

Sounds cool.

It was. Literally and emotionally and physically. Because, you know, youth ministers are cool and so is Michigan in September.

Eh, okay. Hey- don’t you have a Girls of Grace event this weekend?

As a matter of fact, I do! In Eden Prairie, MN. And there are only a few tickets left- so if you live in/near/around, please grab a ticket and come say hi! We’ve got over 2500 girls already coming, but you would be a totally noticed addition. Mainly because you are my friend.

Have you ever been to Minnesota?


Congrats, then.

Thank you.

Have any links to share today?

In fact I do! The first one is on (in)courage- Emily and I made a video about writing for teenagers and it is funny and sweet and we filmed it in a bathroom.

Please explain why you did that.

Well, the beach house was all abuzz with (in)courage ladies and it was about 10pm and that huge bathroom was literally the only spot that was quasi-quiet. We stacked my computer on top of a few pillows and a stool and sat on the side of the tub.

I also think you should know that (in)courage is giving away 10 GIFT PACKS including both of our books. So, that’s a win win winny winson.

I love to win.

I know you do.

What’s this other biznass on twitter from Catalyst?

I mean, right? How crazy that I’m on the list of September’s Young Influencers!

Uh, they know you’re 32, right?

I mean, I think so.

What does it mean to be on that list?

I have no idea. I didn’t realize Brad Lomenick even knew I existed on this planet. But it is cool to just be doing my thing- writing books, leading my small group, loving my friends and family, speaking to teens, blowing my budget by eating out too much- and someone thinks that combo of things makes me influential [this month]. I mainly just think I’m a dork. But I’m a grateful dork!

You also forgot to tell us about blogging for Zondervan.

Oh sheesh. I did. Last week, I blogged over at Zondervan about why I wrote Perfectly Unique and how to write for teenagers. Sorry about that.

Well, you’re forgiven, except you almost wrote “your forgiven” in which case you would have absolutely not been forgiven for that horrible grammatical error.

Hey, Annie? What should you actually be doing with your time instead of using a lot of time writing this interview?

Um…. writing a book? Writing an article that is due today? Writing the article that is due tomorrow? Working on my (in)courage posts? Getting my eyebrows waxed? Revamping my Girls of Grace talk and printing it? Packing for Minneapolis?

Now that I have you feeling really stressed, have a great day.


. . . . .

Seriously… don’t forget to enter to win free books and stuff from (in)courage!

Happy Thursday!

And now I’m at the beach.

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I may have forgotten to mention in all of the Perfectly Unique hullabaloo, but the (in)courage gals and I have officially retreated.

It’s a thing we do, this crazy group of writers. We take a few days, once a year, and all convene in one beach house and hug and cry and laugh and chat and eat and blog and plan and dream and laugh some more.

Here are your Nashville (in)courage people, right to left- Jessica Turner, Angie Smith, and your dear Annie- a hot mess after travel, no make-up, and a little more thigh than I usually post on the internet.

I missed this weekend in 2011, I lived in Scotland you know, but two years ago, it was one of my favorite weekends of the year.

So we arrived yesterday at a variety of times and the hugs and the squeals and the tears commenced.

Oh the tears.

I cried when I saw Emily. With our books- Perfectly Unique and Graceful– being twins, this whole journey has been beyond sweet. To really hug just kinda made us lose control of our tear ducts. We met at the door, we hugged hugged hugged, and there were 0/4 dry eyes.

I cried when another (in)courage sister cried as she told me how her daughter has loved my book. It meant too much. I couldn’t keep my eyes dry.

But mainly, we sat around and caught up and walked to the beach and told funny stories.

This is more than a collection of women who write on the same website. We’re friends. We love each other. We’re invested in each other’s lives and families and writing and hearts. We treasure the times when we are sharing the same air, the same house, the same bowl of peanut M&Ms.

The drive was not easy- lots of hours and lots of rain- but to get here and see these dear friends has made it totally worth it.

If you wanna keep up with us this weekend, we are rocking the #inBeach hashtag.

After what was the most insanely fun couple of days, it’s nice to rest with my people- the ones who speak heart and blog and God and gal.

I hope you rest this weekend. We’ve all worked hard this week to make sure Perfectly Unique is in as many hands as possible, and I am beyond grateful. You deserve a big high five and a hug and a pumpkin spice soy chai.

[Yes. That is a real thing. Try it. And then tell me how happy you are.]

Y’all have a great weekend.

Ready to run.

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Not “Ready To Run” like the Dixie Chicks.

More like the kind of running we’ll be doing here in Nashville in October for the Color Run!

I’ll tell you something that I’ve never done. Run a full 5K. I’ve finished a bunch of them, but I certainly haven’t RUN the entire 3.1 miles ever in my 32 years of existence on this planet.

So I’ve got my Couch to 5K app ready to go and I’m gonna attempt to actually run [read: jog] the Color Run in October. Here’s what I think I have going in my favor: Laughter. I think the fact that I will be getting painted multi-colors, and everyone around me will be experiencing the same thing, I think that will make me laugh.

I’ve never laughed throughout a race. Maybe I will succeed at both things in October. Couch to 5K starts tomorrow.

I’ve finished a lot of races. I finished a half-marathon once, remember?

I wrote about that race over at (in)courage, and how God has shown me His love, especially in my singleness, through the end of that half-marathon.

And I wrote about my sweet friend, Katie. I’m grateful for her.

I’d love for you to pop over to (in)courage and check it out and share your thoughts.

. . . . .

Are you new around these parts? Well welcome!

Hi. I’m Annie. I write books for my job.

I have a website to prove it.

You can read more about me here.

You can follow me on twitter here.

You can like me on facebook here.

You can follow me on pinterest here.

. . . . .

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been listening to Dixie Chicks for hours now thanks to this blog post title.

Do you have a favorite Dixie Chicks song?

Tuesday round up!

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Gather round, cowgirls [and you cowguys out there]. Let’s round up some Tuesday things.

Today at (in)courage, I’ve posted an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from my book. So ride on over there and check out Lead With Laced Up Tennies.

When I read books, if I like the book, I try to email the author and say so. For the same reasons, if I have great service at a restaurant, I tell the manager or if I love a concert, I email the band. It’s just how I roll. So last week I emailed Erin McKean who wrote The Secret Lives of Dresses and sent her a link to my blogpost about the book. She wrote me back. So we’re pretty much besties now.

[People complain to authors and waitresses and managers and teachers and parents all the time. I like to be on the team that tells then when something goes RIGHT.]

If you like country music [you are a cowgirl after all], then let me HIGHLY recommend Cheryl LuQuire’s new EP. Five songs for $4.95? That’s a deal, y’all. I’ve had this EP on repeat for a few days and I am loving it when the sun-roof is open and the windows are down. She’s good. Real good.

The US Men’s soccer team plays tonight in Nashville and I am GIDDY about it. As you recall, I heart soccer mucho. I’ve never seen Landon Donovan play in real life. And I’m going to wear my Glasgow Rangers scarf. There are six of us going and I’m probably going to make 5.5 of them crazy. [I make myself crazy half the time.] But I can not wait.

Matt Wertz is so cool. I want to think up awesome stuff like he does. People in this town are doing rad stuff and I hope some of that rubs off on me.

I mean, how cool are these shirts?!?

I want an orange one. Real bad. And if you think I’m ashamed to have my friend’s name plastered across my torso, you are Wrongy McWrongerson.

If you want one, Matt’s store has all the options and I’ll be darned if you won’t have to narrow down your choices because you’ll want more than one.

That’s all for today. Circle up your ponies. Sing a campfire song. And I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

[I literally have no clue where the cowgirl theme came from today, but gosh I like it.]


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