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Your book questions. My book answers.

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Two weeks.

Two weeks from today.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010.

That is the day. THE DAY. The day that we will all scurry to Amazon and type in “Annie Downs” and then purchase From Head to Foot.

So mark it down, yo.

[It may be available on Amazon before the 7th, but if we all buy on the 7th, it will make a bigger splash. Tis the goal. Tis the season.] [Also. There will be a special limited edition AnnieBlogs readers’ package for only 200 people that will be available the day before- Monday, December 6th. So. Mark it down as well. If you wanna. I mean, I’m not the boss of you.]

Here are a few questions that y’all had last week:

The e-book will be released on the same day- Tuesday, December 7th. As far as an audio book, that hasn’t even crossed my mind. Mainly because I think my voice is weird. I mean, it is not feminine but not masculine and I think I say the letters “s” and “sc” kind of weird. So. I’m probably just going to ask Morgan Freeman to do the audio book.

Because nothing is more normal than hearing an older man reading a teen girl book.

Dani, 25,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Well done.

This is a great question that I definitely want to answer.

There are stories in this book that are painful. For sure. And they involve other humans. Here’s how I chose to handle it: I changed some names. I didn’t change anything in the stories that determine whether a story is true or false. Every story in the book is 100% true.

There are many ways to handle real stories and real people and sharing that with the world. I chose to change names because I wanted my friends to feel like I was only sharing MY life, not theirs.

The only friends whose real names I used consistently are my two best friends, Haley and Molly. Mainly because every story involving them makes them look totally awesome. Because they are. Why wouldn’t you want the world to know that?

But asking permission is never a bad idea. Pray about it and do what is right for your people.


If you are in the Atlanta area, we are having a book release party on Wednesday, December 22. Hang out around my FACEBOOK PAGE for more details. Or, just go check out the Book Release Party invite.


My book is in a Christmas Guide + Giveaway over at Dawn’s place. It is super sweet of her to include me along with the other prizes- and there are some AWESOME prizes. So go check it out!

One more quick reminder:

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010.


Well. Hope there weren’t any typos.

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Because I signed off on the cover and the galley.

So pretty much I put my pen to paper and signed my name, saying, “so… if there are any issues on the inside of this little puppy, it’s totally my fault.”

Which. Truly. Some of the jokes are so dumb in this book that you could label those as “issues” but let’s not talk about that right now.

We have a release date. I just need to confirm a few things [including a pre-release JUST for my blog readers, fingers crossed!] before I can tell you the date.

But it is in 2010.


So save $13.95 of your Christmas gifting money so you can grab a copy for that sweet teen/college girl in your life. [Or for yourself. Whatevs. I’m not the boss of you.]

We didn’t have a real release date until Friday when Westbow called and left me a message saying, “Got the sign-offs. Headed to the printer. Here’s the release date.”

I walked into Emily‘s living room and said, “Um. The book is coming out. Soon. I’m scared.”

Because I am.

Because up to now the book has only been read by people who love me and know the sound of my voice. Because up to now the stories of hurt and hatred and fear have been stories I selectively share. Up to now, I haven’t had anyone dislike my book.

But it will happen. No book is for everyone.

Some people will read the book who [gasp] do not know me. And suddenly, the real stories that I have rarely [or never] told, of crying myself to sleep after being crowned homecoming queen, will be public.

The people who were in the gym when I was crowned homecoming queen will be able to read the stories as well. As if I want my high school friends to know what happened after we all drove home.

So I’m scared of strangers reading my book. And I’m scared of my people reading my book.

This is not a post asking you to make me feel better. I promise. I guess I’m laying out how I feel here to simply say that while this process with Westbow has seemed quick and easy [and boy! it has been!] and while y’all often comment about the excitement of all of this [and boy! it is!], I’m still just a normal human girl.

Who makes a heaping portion of mistakes.

Who struggles with her faith.

And has real fears.

And lays in bed at night worrying that no one will read the book.

Or worse yet, that EVERYONE will read the book.


This book is for the girl that I used to be. The goal of this book is not to make me look awesome. The book is, God willing, going to make HIM look awesome and bring some degree of healing to the Christian girls who read it.

So the fears lose. The girls win. God will still love me no matter what.

And the book is coming out, tearful homecomings and all.

December 2010.


* * * * *

Next week: I’ll answer your questions! About the book, self-publishing, Westbow, all of it. So leave your questions in the comments or email me.

I’d also love to hear updates- anyone working with Westbow? Thinking about it? Starting to write a book of their own? Considering writing? Starting a blog? Have an idea for a book? Secretly aching to write? (It won’t be a secret anymore.) 🙂

A book I won’t write.

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Y’all know I wrote a book. And it is getting published by Westbow.

And on Monday, there will be celebrations and confetti and explosions and a sneak peek at the back cover and the book will be turned in and the next step will begin.

What is that next step? Yeah…. I dunno. I’ll tell you Monday. [Not cause I’m a secret keeper, more because I honestly don’t know.]

I am super-dee-duper excited that the book is finished, designed, edited, fixed, tied with a bow, put a fork in it cause it’s done. No more, “So on page 42 did you want it to say YES or yes?” No longer will I have to read the same joke and think, “Was it funny the first time? Cause it is not funny the 18th time.” I’m glad to have the “I think there should be a comma there on page 102” situation resolved.

Cause truly, the editing process almost made me throw my computer out the window going 70 miles per hour down the interstate.

I decided not to do that. Because I think I want to keep using my computer and keep writing books.

But, just FYI…. there is a book I’m not going to write.

A book on being single.

Why won’t I write said book, you ask?

Hop over to the (in)courage site to read my article A Book on Singleness.

Y’all have a great weekend.


Self-publishing makes me excited. And tired.

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Wednesday was stressful. At 11:30pm, I finally sat down and checked my email. Right there, in my inbox, were two unbelievable emails.

Email #1 :: My manuscript, back from the editor, with 170 pages splattered with minor fixes, grammatical errors, and some new ideas to think about.

Email #2 :: Two options of the book cover from my graphic designer.

Good gracious. All I could think was, “I should be jumping-out-of-my-skin excited. But I’m so tired. But this is a big moment. But I’m sleepy. Do I need to record this moment? Or can I just close my eyes?” It was a confusing conversation [that completely happened in my mind].

But I did think, “I can’t believe this is really happening.” In a good way.

Let me back up and tell you how this whole thing started….

So like I mentioned last week, I wrote a book, got picked up by an agent, pitched the book, no one wanted it, and then splitsville from my agent.

Over the summer, I began to dream. God started something with this book in 2006. I dreamed of finishing what God had started [with Him, of course. I hope.]

I looked around. A friend from church is a graphic designer. Hmmm…. another friend used to be an editor at Thomas Nelson. Hmmm….. wait.

Y’all know I’m a people person. And you know I love my Nash-people.

And suddenly it looked like my people were going to help make this dream a reality. [At this point, about a month ago, I kinda freaked out with excitement.]

Then I wrote up a business proposal and made my math-wiz friend Wes crunch the numbers and emailed my parents.

I think the email said this:

“Hey guys. Y’all are great. Look at this business plan for self-publishing my book. We could totally be business partners. You in?

[It wasn’t that informal. Also, I don’t start emails to my parents by saying, “hey guys.”]

So we shopped around, looking at lots of different self-publishing houses, and we decided on Westbow Press. [I’m gonna tell you why next week. Hold on to your horses, future authors.]

We hired the editor. We hired a graphic designer. We called Westbow Press, talked through which plan we wanted, and signed up.

And then suddenly I blinked and it was Wednesday night and I had an edited manuscript and two absolutely gorgie-poo cover choices and an advocate at Westbow Press emailing me and saying, “hey Annie, what can I do to help you?”

Right? Crazy.

So this train is moving ahead. My next step is going through the edits then sending it back to the editor for a final look over. I have to pick a book cover and collect endorsements. And then the goal is to turn everything in by October 15.


In the next few weeks, I’ll tell you why I picked Westbow [if you want to hear more about them, click the button in the sidebar], how the editing process works, and how the first few weeks of working with Westbow folks has been.

[preview: 95% awesome, 3% scary, 2% confusing.]

Also- I can totes answer any questions. I know that many of you are considering this or just want to hear something I’m not thinking to say. So ask away, askers. This is our journey together- I want you to feel like you are seeing the map.

Like Boots and Dora. We are Boots and Dora.

[you’re welcome.]
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