Belle Chèvre


So about two months ago, the girls and I decided it was time to get serious and get sophisticated. Our lovely local farmers’ market was hosting a wine and cheese festival, so we purchased tickets, showed up on a chilly October day, and entered into a heaven we did not know existed.

Rows and rows of local made cheeses and spreads and breads, oh my.

I can’t even tell you how wonderful the afternoon was. We laughed, we tasted, we re-tasted, we were happy gals. We spent hours going from table to table, trying out anything a person would put on a cracker.

We were all smiles and with full-ish tummies and down to our last section of tables. And that’s when we walked over to Belle Chèvre.

I’ll tell you. I’m already a big goat cheese fan. So when I saw Tasia from Belle Chèvre and the beautiful things she was offering, I was pumped and quick to ignore my internal “you could stop now and you’d be full” signal. […. which is a signal I’ve consistently ignored since the beginning of time, but that’s another conversation for another day.]

But oh was it worth it.

yummy cheese

You guys. If you read my dear friend Cassie, then you know she is a Belle Chèvre fan as well. But y’all- that cheese? THAT CHEESE? It is amazing. I multi-tasted which, to the real sophisticated socialites, is probably a no-no. But we all knew that I was poser in that crowd anyways.

And then. THEN. Tasia gave us a taste of goat cheese cheesecake.

I know. You don’t know what to do with that information and I respect that. But let me tell you, if you are a fan of cheesecake, this thing is fluffy and sweet and smooth and, dare I say it, almost perfect.

I stood there, before Tasia, dumbfounded at her cheesecake. I said, “My blog readers have to know about this. Do they know about this? DOES THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?” And then I took her card as my friends pulled me away from the Belle Chevre table.


And she said of course. Because she is generous and lovely.

So. SO. Guess what?

Merry Christmas!

One of you is getting a goat cheese cheesecake mailed to your house!!

All you have to do to enter is tell me in the comments who you would share your goat cheese cheesecake with this Christmas.

I will pick one winner FRIDAY MORNING and then we’ll get your address [continental US only please] to Tasia like whoa fast so that she can mail that cheesecake to your house and you can take pics and post them online and be all, “@ANNIEBLOGS WAS SO RIGHT I WILL TRUST HER CHEESE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ALL MY DAYS!”

If you are still looking for gifts to send, might I suggest you check out Belle Chèvre’s online store. I’m droooooling just having the website open. I just want it all and that’s a hard emotion to deal with when it comes to cheeses and budgets. I’m sure you understand.

So…. who wants a goat cheese cheesecake? 


. . . . .

Disclaimer: Belle Chevre is not paying me to write this blog post and all these opinions are my own. This whole thing was totally my idea. But much like our winner, Tasia is kindly giving my family a goat cheese cheesecake at Christmas, but that’s probably because I begged with a pouty-lipped email. Amen. Now get your win on.

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