TOP 5 FRIDAY: Googs it.

TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

. . . . .

My pal Lyndsay Rush wrote a great post this week about what she has googled lately. As well, a handful of us sat around the other night with our smart phones in hand, and giggled through the list of things we found important enough to google, or “googs,” on the go.

So keeping it short and sweet this Friday, here are the top 5 things I’ve googled lately.

. . . . .

1. “bake with salted or unsalted butter”

It seems that no matter how mature I get, I will never have this fact memorized. It’s what I call a Mom Fact- things that Moms just seem to know. Sadly, my mom was in France at the time of need, so google had to suffice.

By the way, the answer is unsalted.


2. “I can’t make you love me”

Great song. And it’s true- I can’t make you love me.


3. “China flag”

We were in an emoji war, trying to text as many Asian symbols as possible. I just wanted to make sure I got the Chinese flag right. I want to win, but I want to win fair.


4. “Vandy baseball roster”

Well, no one can be surprised about me needing these stats on hand right now. Love those dudes.


5. “Brentwood skating park”

It’s a complicated story. I needed to find the skating rink, I don’t know why I ever called it a park. Parks are for skateboarding. Skateboarding makes me fall down and cry. We wanted rollerskating, old school style.

But I needed to googs the location so that these things could happen.

It was a dream of a Saturday and thanks to google, we got there just fine.

. . . . .


Look on your phone or computer and tell me what are the last five things you have googled! 

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