TOP 5 FRIDAY: PCOS Resources

Forgive my absence this week, friends. I have had a crazy couple of days – major bumps and shifts with some of my college students at church and I’m a little under the weather.

I can’t exactly figure out what is wrong with me, but I know that my body is going through aheckuvalot of changes right now as I’m working hard to treat PCOS as a real disease and change many of my eating and lifestyle habits. So it kinda feels like my body is saying, “Hey, for 2 months we were down with that, BUT GIVE A BODY SOME CHEESE, LADY, OR WE’RE GONNA FLU YOU UNTIL YOU DO.”

You know, toxins leaving your systems probably shouldn’t feel like just another Friday, so I’m grateful that my body is coming more in alignment with how God made me to be, even if it brings on the shivers and the sweats and a bit o’ the weak stomach.


But really. I am. Sorta. I miss cheese and ice cream, but I’m also soooo grateful that I don’t feel sluggish and I’m seeing my body adjust to taking in the foods it can handle well instead of having to fight the disease AND the bad junk I was feeding it. [Sorry, bod. My bad.] I’m praying, every day, that my body would heal itself, from the inside out, as God always intended.

[I’ve gone totes granola hippy. Can you tell?]

I thought I’d share the top 5 resources that I’ve found helpful the last two months as I’ve stepped into this new lifestyle. And that’s what it is- not a diet, not denying myself, but choosing the right things for MY body to help it do all the things it was meant to do.

[Also. Let it be said I do not agree with EVERY SINGLE THING each of these people say. Ok… continue on…]

1. PCOS Websites

  • PCOS Diva : Cheesy name. Totally great website. LOTS of info and recipes.
  • PCOS Diet Support : I love this British gal. She has tons of great info.

2. Documentaries

Call me a granola dork, but I’ve been watching food documentaries a lot of nights lately. Here are my top three favs:

  • Hungry for a Change : I’ve watched this one multiple times. Talks about body, mind, and soul. LOVE.
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead : Fascinating. My body does not need juicing as much as it needs the fiber from smoothies, but I love what you learn from this one.
  • FoodMatters : This one takes some thinking- not as entertaining, more factual. But still very interesting.

3. Blogs

  • Detoxinista : LOTS of great recipes. I have a lot of weirdo restrictions due to PCOS and migraine [no dairy, no dark chocolate, no pork, no red wine, low carb, low sugar, no caffeine] but most of her recipes still work for me.
  • Undressed Skeleton : She’s inspiring and bubbly. I’ve tried a few of her recipes and they’ve been good!

4. Pinterest

I have my PCOS board for things I learn and my That’s Delish board for recipes I want to try, but I’m also enjoying searching PCOS and searching vegan [since I can add meat to any of that but it leaves out the stuff I don’t want].

5. My people

I cried to my mom this week because I am eating nothing that I used to love and my body isn’t doing the things it is supposed to do. [Ladies, read between the lines. Guys, don’t.] And my friends are so totally fine with me being the pickiest eater on God’s green Earth. And my intern loves it because he gets to try new snacks every day at work. My small group? They probably miss cheese and butter. Sorry, gals. It’s a process and I’m grateful for slow healing and really REALLY grateful for people walking right beside me.

. . . . .


Any good websites for recipes? Or blogs? Or food/nutrition documentaries that I should watch? [Or, do you have any PCOS questions I can try to answer?]

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