Here’s another installment of YouBlog– where I introduce you to one of your fellow blogmies. Remember the goal is to get to know each other! Many of you readers/commenters were born to be friends- I just know it. And I’m out to prove it!

img_5045-1Becca is a fairly regular attender to this rodeo we like to call AnnieBlogs. And I love her rodeo as well. Gracious, you must go check out her blog, if for no other reason than to see her darling family and equally darling header.

But don’t just love the book [blog] for it’s cover [header]. Becca has got some content that is surely worth your time. In fact, my favorite post is where she explains about her family ministering to the folks in inner-city Atlanta. (The giveaway in this post is closed, by the way, but I wanted to feature this post anyways.)

And I know you know this, but I definitely have a soft spot for that state of Georgia. A big ole soft spot. So to meet and know people who are investing deeply in a city that I love, I salute them.

So Becca, and Stanley Clan, I salute you- for loving Atlanta more than you love yourselves. That city will never be the same because of you. Believe it.

Go show them some love and offer some prayers, fellow blogmies, and tell Becca thanks…. for me.

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Let's be friends!

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