A Day To Breathe.

I need a day to breathe.

So I’m taking it.

The funeral for Mrs. Couch on Wednesday was beautiful. Thank you for your prayers for the family- please don’t stop.

I absolutely loved getting to hug Mr. Couch, Josh and Kate, Jason and Candace, and Justin. I didn’t have good words to say. I said dumb things. But I hugged. I kept thinking about this post from Andy and how maybe it was okay that I said dumb things.

Just being there. That was enough.

My heart is sad in some new and different ways. I don’t wanna say more about that.

I’m tired. I’ve been getting up early for many-a-morning and today I’m sleeping in.

So thank you for giving me a day to breathe.

Y’all have a good Friday. Hug the ones your love. Call the ones you haven’t called in a while. Email, facebook, snail mail, whatever. Maybe today is a good day to tell people how much you love them.

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