A good day.

9am- 4th Grade Awards Day. Room full of parents. The ones that actually like me.

12pm- End of the Year Party. Nachos and pinatas. One to eat, one to beat. Homemade pinatas, none the less, that were quite resistant to busting. Which is good when you need to account for 24 different hits. The only glitch was that I purchased everyone a fake mustache and forgot to give them out! So tomorrow? We become the mustachioed 4th grade class.

3pm- Chiropractor. The back is a muscle problem, not a disc problem. Rest and ice and stretches should do the trick. [Tell that to Ninja Vlad.]

5pm- Class trip to see Prince Caspian. About 10 of my kids (and their parents) showed up. It was awesome. If you haven’t seen that movie- DO IT. It’s good. Real good.

7:45pm- My mother walks out of the movie theater bathroom with toilet paper stuck to her shoe. One of my students’ parent tells her. That’s a memory I won’t soon forget. Or let my mom forget.

8pm- What was supposed to be a quick bite to eat ended up having me, Mama, 2 teachers, and 5 teacher kids sitting at Chili’s for an hour.

9:45pm- drop 2 kids off and hang with the family for a few minutes.

10:15pm- Get home, sigh to myself, and realize how much I really am going to miss this.

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