A little Bible speak.

I bought a new Bible today- one of those One Year Bibles. I feel like it’s cheesy. Like “real” Christians can read through the Bible in a year and split it up on their own. I don’t know why I think that. That’s a pretty dumb thought. But I got the tutorial version that puts the date with the passages. Maybe I could have figured it out on me own? I should have just googled it.

None the less, it’s purchased (with a gift card, thank you McDooj) and sitting here beside me. The cool thing about this one is that it is set up chronologically instead of the traditional way. And I’ll admit, it feels strange; maybe even a little wrong. I know it’s not- I don’t think God is mad about it, but in my mind, I should be able to open the Bible in the middle and hit Psalms. I open this Bible in the middle and I hit… wait for it…. oh, Psalms. Ok, ignore that particular point. BUT I do read half of Genesis and then Job. That’s weird.

It’s just all mixed up. And then it takes me to a deeper question. A question about right and wrong and truth. Because all the same truths are held in this Bible, but they are just packaged differently, and that is weird to me. Why does it bother me what shape the truths come in? Like, in my mind, the only REAL Bible is the one that is in the order that I’ve always read it. But if I’m going to go all legalistic like that, then why don’t I read it in the original language?

Answer: because I don’t know Hebrew and/or Greek.

I think this is going to be good though, hence the reason I made this particular purchase. Sometimes my idea of truth needs to be shaken up a bit. Buying a wacky Bible doesn’t change the truth, it just rearranges it. Truth will always be truth, God will always be Love, Jesus will always be. But my INTERPRETATION and understanding of truth needs to be questioned- either to solidify or tear down my beliefs.

We watched the movie Les Miserables last night at Caroline’s and had some talk, and much silent pondering, about the idea of right and wrong and legalism and justice and law versus grace.

So I bought a new Bible. Those may not link to you, but they do to me. I needed to have my “right” questioned. To attempt to understand grace. I want to live a life of truth that is displayed in grace. I have no idea how to do that.

And I need to read the Bible every day. EVERY DAY. If I’m looking for a new path, I need the “lamp unto my feet” (Ps. 119:105).

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