A memory.

A few years ago, Molly and I met up with Haley at a Moe’s Restaurant.

It was Haley’s birthday and she was pregnant with her first kid. [Jarrett, who has, in his 3 years of life, single-handedly won my heart like no other male has done [to date].]

We decided to give Haley magazine subscriptions for her birthday. I think it was a Saturday. Haley’s birthday is in October, and I remember she had on her red hat and Molly had on shorts and a long sleeve shirt.

We laid out in front of her about 10 different magazines- mom magazines, marriage magazines, decorating magazines, and our staple- Real Simple. She got to keep all those issues and then we said, “pick the two that you want to have subscriptions for and we’ll get ’em!”

I was so excited about the gift that we didn’t even order our food first. We went straight to the table. Haley was on time- Molly and I were late. So she was already sitting in a booth. She laughed at the basket of magazines, flipped through a few, and said thanks. Then we went and ordered quesadillas.

I don’t know why this memory keeps replaying in my head. The three of us have files and files of hilarious memories, exciting memories, and tearful memories. But for some reason, the simplicity of Haley’s birthday in 2006 has been rubbing my heart raw.

As much as I love Nashville [and I. Love. Nashville.], I don’t think I will ever quit missing my life in Marietta.

I miss Moe’s.

I miss Haley and Molly.

I miss birthdays together.

I miss those simple Saturdays.

I miss magazine subscriptions to addresses that we thought would never change.

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