A story. In pictures.

No better way to ease back into the beautiful world of blogging that you tell you an amazing story using photographs.

Just so you know, all these pictures are reenactments. At the time of the event, all parties involved were far too panicked to realize that this would be an amazing blog post and that people would laugh heartily for years to come.

We’ll call this story: When Haley’s Dress Was Taken Hostage


When Haley’s Dress Was Taken Hostage

Story by Annie Downs

Photography by Annie Downs


My best friend Haley was in a wedding. The bridesmaid dress needed some slight alterations thanks in part to the die-hard P90X workouts that Haley was doing. So Haley took the dress to our local seamstress, Helen. Helen said to pick the dress up on Thursday.

Haley went to pick the dress up on Friday instead. And this was what happened.

The door was locked. And there was a sign on the door.

At this point, I just happen to call Haley, which I do on fairly regular basis. Haley, my calm friend, was panicked. Beyond panicked. Poor Helen and her surgery- seriously. We were concerned about her health.

But in the moment? A bridesmaid dress was all that was on our minds.

So I turned my car around and headed straight to the scene of the hostage dress.

Helen’s shop is right below some other business, so out of pure desperation and hopeful wishing, we went upstairs to see if they had a key.

Low and behold, they did. What. Are. The. Chances?!? So the kind woman took us downstairs, walked us around to the back door, and let us in. [Again, a reenactment photo. Trust me, neither Haley nor I was smiling at this point in the adventure.]

The upstairs lady understood the panic of the situation of course. And she is good friends with Helen. So it wasn’t like we were breaking laws or anything.


So then came the “find a navy blue dress in the dark recesses of an alterations shop that has existed since the 60s” game. Which, as many of you probably know, is a really fun game.

See back there where it gets really dark? Yeah. We were in there. [It’s big. The picture doesn’t do it justice. But trust me- there were multiple racks of clothes. And it was dark dark dark.]

All three of us were pawing through Mrs. Helen’s collection of clothes-to-be-alterned when SHAZAAM! Haley found her dress.

Then she said, “Well, do you think it’s been altered?”

And I stared at her. Blankly. Then I said, “Haley. It doesn’t exactly matter.” Because GOOD GRACIOUS THAT DRESS WAS IN A HOSTAGE SITUATION JUST MINUTES BEFORE AND NOW WE HAVE IT!

She agreed.

Haley was very very glad to be holding that dress. As you can imagine.

We photographed our joy. We also photographed a mouse carcass laying in the parking lot to show you the kind of neighborhood in which we were hanging, but upon review, it’s really gross.

I also would like to insert that when Haley’s 4 year old son Jarrett saw me, he asked that I please not wear my hair like that ever again. So….. that was cool.


. . . . . . . . . .

That was a suspenseful story, huh? I know. I lived it. Scary stuff.

And here is the question Haley and I keep asking ourselves:

What would she have done if we couldn’t get the dress?

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