So that’s all the Ghanaian I’ve learned so far. I mean, in 24 hours, that’s not bad. And actually, Anna still had to spell it for me, but I think it is worth noting that I was able to say, “Anna, spell that word- you know… the one that means ‘welcome’ that starts a…..k…..?” So I guess to say that I “learned” that word is a bit of an exaggeration.

Well, it’s hot. But it’s not terrible. The flight was good- there was a famous Ghanaian pastor on our flight and the Ghanaians seriously acted like he was a SUPERSTAR. He looked like T.D. Jakes. I wish it would have been T.D., because I would have told him that I used to pray (when I was in middle school) for Deion Sanders to get saved- then T.D. Jakes led him to the the Lord. Cool, huh? But, since it wasn’t T.D. Jakes, I didn’t say all that.

I got busted going through customs- I broke some sort of unspoken law that says you can’t write in red pen. Don’t worry- I read ALL the directions and it never said not to write in red, but I’ll be darned if the man didn’t send me to the end of the line with no clue how to solve the situation. Moments like that I was THRILLED to have Ryan with us- he had a black pen.

So we got here at 9ish yesterday morning (remember I don’t have a watch) and we had breakfast. I met Eddie, probably the most famous Ghanaian in the Riverstone/Wesley world. He’s as cool as everyone says. It’s awesome hanging out with Anna and Maggie and the whole fam. We got to see the school that Tatum worked at- I took pictures of the 4th grade classroom for my kids to see. They probably won’t care, but I usually deceive myself into believing that they do. We also went to the mall and I was surprised to see that the grocery store was pretty well stocked- of course, a box of cereal is $10, but it’s there. Wherein lay the surprise.

Tatum’s friend Margaret came over last night- she’s super fun. I’m glad Tatum has someone here that is as funny as me but doesn’t get mad at Tatum as quickly as I do.

My observations so far are this:
1) I like it here. All you “I told you so” people, I know.
2) I look a little bit rougher than I thought I would. You know, the whole no makeup idea wasn’t “bad” per say, but it will lead to some not-attractive photos. Consider yourself warned.

Ok, I’ve got to go. I don’t really know why, but I’m sitting here in my pajamas and it just doesn’t feel right. Everyone else is in their pajamas as well, but it feels wrong for some reason.

Keep praying. Dad’s back is doing fine so far. Ryan won’t let me complain, but the inclination hasn’t risen much yet. The trip is still young, though.

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