All hail Queen Natalie.

Wow. I mean, we knew she was on court and we knew that there were only 5 girls that had made it this far. Can you imagine? In a school of 30,000+ students, our sweet friend Natalie is one of the Top 5. Before hand, we got to tailgate with her and talk and laugh with her about the experience so far.

Here is Natalie and Molly (cousins), before the game. We were FREEZING.

Here’s Natalie and her parents. They all looked so nice. Check out Mrs. Pam’s sassy outfit.
And here is Natalie being escorted onto the field by Mr. Randy. My assignment was shots of the jumbo-tron. I mean, really, how many times do you get to be on that? I, for one, lived in Athens for seven years (only in school for 4, thank you very much) and never ONCE made it on the big screen. So these were some serious milestones for the Webbs.
And here she is after she won! She was genuinely so shocked, it was hilarious. The announcer did a POOR job of announcing the names of the King and Queen- really fast and low on the drama. He announced the King first and so many people were screaming for him that we barely heard Natalie’s name! But who’s complaining? At least she won!! Right after this picture, the Webbs were whisked away to President Adams’ personal box. Now Natalie is wheelin’ and dealin’ with the big-timers. Amazing, huh?

I think this experience reminded me of a couple of key things.

1) College was really fun. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that really can’t be duplicated. The freedom. The free TIME. The new people. All of it. I don’t know that I appreciated it as much as I should. But, at the same time, people say the same things about being single and I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t look back on this season of my life near as fondly as I look back on college.

2) It’s not a bad thing to be raised in Marietta. There are a lot of reasons I’m glad I live here, and one is that people know and love each other for YEARS. Some of the families that came to UGA yesterday have known Mr. Randy and Mrs. Pam since they were in high school. Say what you want about Marietta, but this is true: they know how to commit to relationships.

3) This is proof in the pudding that being yourself is the best choice. I’ve known Natalie for years and one thing that I know is true is that she is genuine. What you see is what you get. And that’s not all that common. I was not surprised she won- how could you know her and not love her?

4) There is no more positive influence than a good family. BUT, good friends are a close second. And Natalie has those. It was really cool to see her sorority sisters and other friends come out in full force to support her. I was impressed.

The whole experience was a real blast. I loved the people we were with, the Dawgs played well, and the weather was ridiculously perfect. I haven’t been to a UGA game yet this year, so there’s that whole side of it too. Being back in Athens. Being back on campus. But trust me, that gets to be a blog in itself. Especially in November.

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