American Football.

I just need to express my excitement.

While I am terribly grateful for the opportunity to live in Scotland last year, it came at a price. I missed the entire Georgia Bulldog regular season.

I’m sure that’s what is meant by “suffering for the Gospel.”

But not this year. No siree. The dawgs play on Saturday, Vanderbilt and South Carolina play tonight here in Nashville, the Falcons and the Titans are finishing up pre-season. All and all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Also, I need for us to talk about this Falcons Titans situation in which I find myself.

I love the Falcons. I’ve cheered for them my whole life. Literally. Since my Dad never had a son, it was my pleasure to play the role of “son you take to sporting events.” It’s all the NFL I knew. You guys. I wore a Deion Sanders jersey to school at least once a week in the 8th grade.

What I’m saying is, my relationship with the Falcons was pretty serious.

And now, here I sit in Nashville, where my pals all love the Titans and I’m feeling this tug on my heart. The colors are beautiful and the games are really fun. Some of the players go to our church. I mean, if I’m gonna end up marrying an offensive lineman, it’s probably going to be a Titan at this point. [I have some goals. Did you know?]

So. You see my problem.

Do I stay true to my first love of the Atlanta Falcons or is it okay for me to change allegiances to my current hometown team?

Now listen. When it comes to college sports, fear thee not.

It’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldog. I will cheer for Vandy because I live here and love those people, but when it is Georgia vs. Vandy, I have no allegiance issues.

Not to mention, my closet is full of red and black. Which may be a deciding factor in the Falcon Titan Dilemma of 2012.

Best. Problem. Ever.


. . . . .

Do you like football? Who do you cheer for every Saturday? Do you have an NFL team too? 

Do you have a vote on whether I cheer for the Falcons or the Titans? Opinions welcome.

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