And this is why I do not compete with myself. Because I always lose.

I borrowed something from a friend of mine that lives approximately two minutes from my house and I needed to take it back to her tonight.

I’m also watching the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” on Lifetime. [Yes, on purpose.]

So I decided I would race to see if I could return the item and be back at my house before the commercial break was over.

As soon as the commercial started, I jumped up and ran for the door.

Unfortunately, my keys were not hanging at their proper locale. Doh. So I find them on my bed and race out the house.

Driving goes fine [I didn’t even speed, Daddy], and I arrive at the condos. I pull into a parking spot in front of her house. I take time to pause my iPod (which will end up being a bit of a ridiculous choice in a minute) before I get out of the car.

I hop out, leave the item at the door and as my back is turned, I hear a rather loud scraping sound. I whip around and see my driver’s side front door, which I had left ajar in order to save time, swing all the way open. Curious, I head back to my car.

[I actually worried for a minute that a cat was in my car.  I have no idea why.]

And as I sit down I realize that in all my hurry to exit the vehicle and get back in time to see the movie, I had left my car in DRIVE.

Thus causing it to drive itself into the curb.

Thus causing it to make a loud scraping sound.

Thus causing me to feel like a complete idiot.

Thus causing me to realize that I am officially too competitive.

At least I didn’t miss one beat of the song I was listening to. That would have been really unfortunate. My subconscious must have found that far more important than, oh I don’t know, PUTTING THE CAR IN PARK.

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