Annie’s Day Off.

I didn’t set an alarm this morning, the first time in many-a-week. And yet I still woke up at 8am which is proving a disappointment I’ve know to be true for a while now: I’m an adult.


Last week was rather insane for me – exampled by the fact that I started a MAJOR editing job around 9pm on Tuesday night. [I think it was Tuesday night. Maybe it was Wednesday night? I can’t remember.]

One of these days REALLY soon [I hope I hope I hope] I will be able to tell you about said editing project and why my work/life balance is a little whackadoodle. Until then, you can make something up in your head and squeal with excitement.

Also. I was in charge of the decor and et cetera for Cross Point’s Downtown campus Super Bowl Party. I’ll show you those pictures on Smile, Wednesday. But if you want a preview, here are a few that were tweeted. [That’s right- funfetti cake footballs. Go big or go home, y’all.]

It was the kind of party where you wake up the next morning and realize that you have a random sticker left on on your hand from cleaning up the night before.

That’s funny, y’all.

So after a week+ of insane deadlines and meetings and crafting and parties and moving to a new house, I cried UNCLE and took today off.

I knew on Saturday night when I went to set my alarm for church on Sunday and almost cried, that sister here had overextended herself. Being a freelance writer/author can do that to you, as with many jobs I’m sure, but there is always work to be done- emails to answer, talks to write, books to write, videos to make, articles to pitch, facebook inboxes to throw a grenade at, etc. [I HATE my facebook inbox. I want to close it down forever.] So I’m still learning, 3.5 years into this career, that you don’t stop when you are finished. You stop before you go insane.

Didn’t do it so well last week. Not. At. All.

So today is my day off and here are my plans: (updated in red)

1. Sleep in. [total fail.] (but I made up for it with a four hour nap)

2. Watch Baby Mama with the commentary from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. [done + massive success.] (hilarious)

3. Unpack the two boxes in my room that are totally plaguing me. (nope, about to do that now, since you know- I won’t fall asleep ever after a four hour nap.)

4. Finish unpacking books onto my book cases and take some things to the basement. (nope)

5. Spend some time journaling and reading my Bible. Things that embarrassingly fall to the side when I get busy. (nope… really want to. Maybe after those two boxes are quickly unpacked?)

6. Take a nap? Maybe. [read: probably] (for suresies. Way more than I planned.)

7. Catch up on 2 months worth of Real Simple magazine. (nope.) 

8. Write a blog post while still laying in bed. [You’re welcome.] (updated from the same location. Again, you’re welcome.)

. . . . .

 What are you up to today?

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