Blissdom 09: The Recap.

Being that this is Blissdom 09 and everything, I think I’ll give you my top 09 highlights of the conference.  [Be ye very concerned when Blissdom ’47 rolls around, cause you best be believin I’ll do 47 highlights.]

These highlights are going to be in no particular order, so #1 doesn’t need to be getting all haughty and #9 doesn’t need to be disappointed.  [#10 needs to be disappointed.]

[By the way, can you tell yet that I’m writing this late at night?  CAUSE I CAN.  The attempted jokes.  They are disturbingly frequent.  As is the case in my late night blogging.]

Also, the highlights may be better titled “TOP 09 TAKE-AWAYS”.  Cause I also want to include in this list why I am SUPER glad I went to Blissdom and who I’m glad I saw and what I learned.


#1.  I learned a lot about the ins and outs of book writing and blogging- how they work together and how things are perceived by folks in the publishing biz.  Which, as you may have read once or twenty times, is rather important to me, since I wrote a book and all. [And I’ll just be real skippy with you and tell you that in my head, I thought, “I want to be on that panel one day”.  Maybe I will.]

#2.  I got to hang out with some ladies that I absolutely adore.  There is no way to link all of them, but I’ll tell you that Alli, Shannon, Lora Lynn (and her sweet baby Willa), Robin, Amber, Ali, Stephanie, Holley, and others made the whole experience for me.

#3.  Cause you may think bloggers just gather to learn about blogging, but truth be told we get together because we actually like each other.  So to eat Mexican food holding a baby that I “watched” be born via Lora Lynn’s blog, and share my heart stuff with Shannon because she gets me, and to hug Alli, and to give Amber a pep talk, and to laugh my head off with Ali? That’s why I went to Blissdom.

#4.  I learned, through one really good seminar, that making money on blogging is totally possible and TOTALLY not for me.  That’s not why I’m here, that’s not why you are here.

#5.  It takes 100 blog readers and 100 followers on twitter to make a community.  And THAT is why we are here- because you are getting to know me and each other and somehow we have all become friends.  And I left Blissdom 09 wanting to make this little corner of the internet sky a better community, not make money.

#6.  I learned some great technical jargon that I won’t explain because then you may remember that I am a full on DORK.  But hopefully my new know-how will make this here blog a little easier for you to navigate and love.

#7.  Aforementioned (in #2) Holley has also written a book… but her book is actually in stores.  So it’s legit.  And she gave me a copy!  I’m reading it ravenously and then I’m posting all about it. AND.  She’s going to Mt. Hermon in April and so am I.  That should be a glorious reunion.

#8.  Blissfully Domestic and One2One Network did an AMAZING job of hosting this thing- getting some great musicians to show up and getting us some pretty sweet swag. And they were fun and generous and really just the kind of hosts that can get 300 bloggin’ ladies to hang out happily for 48 hours.

#9.  I love learning about blogging.  I love talking about blogging.  I love what happens when you fill a room with people on twitter. It’s fun to me- makes the internet nerd in me smile.

So there you have it.  Will I go again?  As long as it is in Nashville, yes.  If it’s out of Nashville, we’ll $ee.  🙂

But in my nerdy-bloggy heart, I’m already looking forward to Blissdom 2010.

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