@BradWomack, I hope you are real.

I love The Bachelor.

I hope you do too. [Otherwise, this post is going to be daunting for you.]

For starters, I like all the girls that are left. Emily is the cutest and she used to live here in Nashville apparently and the whole of her Nash-life adores her. [I love rumors.] Ashley is cute, but she’s a goner. Let’s be honest. Chantal is my personal favorite because I think she is treating this like she would any relationship- I think what you see is what you get and I like that in a girl.

[That sounds creepy. I mean, I like that in a girl when she is on The Bachelor. For me personally, I like that in a boy. I like boys.]

Speaking of boys, I almost passed out when @BradWomack started following me on twitter. And I forwarded the email to my Bachelor-watching pals and said, “Um. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!”

I took some screen shots. Because it is not every day that THE BACHELOR! follows you on twitter.

[And oh sheesh. I’m just realizing that I cleaned off my desktop yesterday and threw away those screen shots. That is annoying.]

Now you are never going to believe me. But I promise- I was one of the first 50 people that he followed.

My Bach-friend said, “Oh, he must have become a Christian so he wants to follow other Christians.”

To which I said, “You are a sweet sweet lamb and that is not at all how it goes.”

Here’s my thoughts: I tweeted about watching four episodes of The Bachelor on Saturday. [Because I am dedicated and focused and I was out of the country for four weeks and knew that there were some pressing matters I needed to take care of when I came home. Like watching The Bach.] And @BradWomack started his twitter account on the same day. So he probably just searched “The Bachelor” and found me, followed me, hoping that I would follow back.


He found me and thinks we would be great friends.


He searched for single girls in their 30s [barely] in case he doesn’t pick anyone and needs another round of ladies.


We are actually real life friends so it makes total sense for him to follow me and read my tweets. [I wish.]


@BradWomack isn’t the REAL Brad Womack. [That’s what Chris Harrison says- that none of the girls or Brad are on twitter.]

No matter.

The thrill is still there, even if the screen shots aren’t.

But if you look through who @BradWomack is following, you’ll totally see me on this list. And I have kept my fingers crossed constantly that this is really him and that at some point, we might actually be friends.

[Sue me. I think he would be fun to hang out with. In a totally non-dating way. Seriously. I don’t want him to give me a rose. Ever.]

Let’s chat.

Do you watch The Bachelor?

Who do you hope he picks? [Don’t reveal spoilers!!! Just reveal your strongest opinions.]

Who do you think will be the next Bachelorette?

Let's be friends!

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