Caught on tape.

Add this to your “Annie Does Dumb Things” file. Because I’m guessing you probably have one of those by now.

So today, there was an open house party at my Dad’s office, located in this building. Where there just happens to be a few condos left for purchase, should you find yourself in need of a custom built condo in walking distance to the historic Marietta Square.

You can tell I’ve said that a few times tonight.

My assigned location? In the parking garage. Standing by the elevator. Letting people know “the open house is on level M- turn to your left and head to the end of the hallway.” And blah and blah and etcetera etcetera and so on and so forth… until the elevator arrived.

From 4pm until 7:15pm. I stood there. Mostly alone. And from previous blog post [thanks for your awesome ideas!], you know alone is NO GOOD FOR ME.

I had on a cute blue sundress. I like it mucho.

About 5:15pm, I was all alone. Again. And the dress had… how do you say…. moved around a bit. As had the um…. how do we say this politely…. the undergarments being used to secure said dress. And myself.

So, being just slightly to the left of BRILLIANT, I thought, “I’ll step around to the other side of this wall, adjust all things that need adjusting, then return to my assigned location, no worries.”

About 5/6 of the way through my adjustments, I had a memory. More like a dream sequence.

In this dream sequence, I was standing in the offices above, looking up at the wall. Full of television screens. Showing the many Many MANY views of the security cameras.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dream.

This is the part where the story gets really good.

Because about 10 minutes later, a man that works in the office came downstairs and said, “I’ll send you the link to that on YouTube tomorrow.”

I also received comments like this:

“So I hear the security video system is up and running.”

“How do you like the cameras in the parking garage?”

To say that I am proud to be me is the understatement of the century.

And to you, bloggite, I say YOU ARE WELCOME. Because surely that story makes you feel a little better about your day.

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