Dating tips.

Not for me, you sillies.

This weekend, I will be joining some friends and leading a relationships retreat for a college campus ministry.

I am excited. And a bit nervous. But mainly excited. 70/30 split? Nah, 80/20. Totes 80/20.

Talking to the girls is gonna be awesome. You know I dig standing in front of a group of girls and talking about boys, dating, life. I mean, not that I’m an expert [insert single-at-30 joke here], but I am pretty good at telling other girls what to do.

Just ask my sisters.

And I’m actually super excited about talking about singleness in college, about how to really LIVE, about how to make life choices when you are single. I mean, pretty much, I’m gonna talk about Scotland.

God’s timing is awesome. And hilarious. And weird. [Let’s be honest.]

But there is a point, later in Saturday, where I talk with the college boys. And, to quote the director of the ministry, I have to tell the boyz “5 things we wish the opposite sex knew”.

And to be honest, I need some help. I mean, I wish boys knew to tell me I look good in workout clothes. I wish boys knew that eating sushi is super attractive [to girls in Nashville at least]. I wish college boys would have known that dating can be easy and low stress and fun instead of so stinkin’ serious. I wish boys in college knew that when you take me on a drive through the country listening to really good music and the windows are down and the sun is shining on my face, I’m pretty sure we are in love and going to get married really soon.

Too specific? Maybe.

So, obviously. I need better tips.


If you could tell Christian college dudes one thing about dating, what would it be?

If you could tell Christian college girls one thing about dating, what would it be?

Bring it. Bring your wisdom, bring your jokes, bring your knowledge. Bring your A game. Just give me a large smattering of tips. That way, we can all influence their dating futures together.

It’s safer that way.


Hey- by the way. If you work with a campus ministry or a youth group and you are looking for a female speaker, email me. annieblogs [at] gmail [dot] com. Let’s chat.

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