Did you know I went to Puerto Rico?

Because I did. I went last night at midnight- after our flight took off from Accra at 6pm!! Yeah, the one that was supposed to fly at 9:45am.

“Annie, why were you in Puerto Rico last night?”, you may ask. Let me just list for you, quickly, the schedule for yesterday (I think it was yesterday- to be honest, I really don’t know.) Now, this is not exact, it is to the best of my memory.

6:30 am GT (Ghana Time)- arrive at airport

10:00 am GT– cuss in my mind at Harmaton (see previous blog). Not the really bad cuss words, just one or two mild ones.

12:00 pm GT– walk to restaurant with 190 of my closest flying friends to eat lunch (see photo below)

1:21 pm GT– blog

3:00 pm GT– call Michael to come pick us up – our flight has been cancelled. I have to bribe a lady to let us use her cell phone. Actually, Ryan bribes her. I just smile and dial.

4:00 pm GT– get our luggage (yes, it took that long)

4:30 pm GT– walk luggage outside to put in Michael’s car only to be stopped and told that the plane we are to get on is making an attempt to land.

4:30-5:30pm GT– wander around and ask anyone and everyone if they know what the heck is going on and if we are flying.

5:30pm GT– rush luggage through check-in because the flight is on

6:00 pm GT– take off from Accra, only to be told that we have to stop in San Juan because our flight crew is not allowed to fly all the way to NYC. (Of course not, why would they?)

11:00 pm UST (US Time)- land in San Juan. Our flight crew sits down and all fall asleep. A new flight crew comes on. They are not happy people.

4:00 am UST– arrive at JFK in NYC

4:15 am UST– put a hat on that I got out of my suitcase- my hair was gettin’ greasy.

5:28am UST– enjoy my favorite Starbucks grande non-fat white chocolate mocha, stirred with no whip cream. Paid for by the fine folks at Delta airlines.

6:00am UST– leave JFK.

8:00 am UST– arrive in the good ole ATL.

I had to summarize it for my own personal memory. Hilarious, huh? But as Dad said, “We should say a prayer thanking the good Lord for safe travel.” So we did. And he is right- at every step, we made a “friend” and someone helped us out. Even though, according to Sally’s calculations, we were traveling for a total of 36 hours (good gravy), it was easy. Relatively.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day(s) of travel. Lunch at The Landing Restaurant. Yes, we are outside because a restaurant the size of an IHOP was trying to feed 190 passengers at the same time. Sally, Ryan, Jessica (awesome friend that we met at youth group- just happened to be on our flight!) eating breakfast. We had the choice of fried rice or breakfast, but they ran out of fried rice, the waiter said. Until he got to the next table- they got rice. Riddle me that one? JFK airport is full of birds. This little fella wanted a good head shot. If birds could make their beaks smile, this one would have done it. Show off.The sunrise over New York.
While it was raining down here in Georgia, this was our view above the clouds. Amazing, huh? I took this out the window, like the sunrise picture. (This is a rabbit trail, but if you have never read the story of how David Crowder wrote “O Praise Him” it is here and it is good. I linked it twice- that’s how much I want you to read it.)

I’ll do another post soon with more pictures from Ghana- not just travel shots, though you’ve got to admit those are pretty sweet. More to come, my friends, more to come.

Thank you again for praying. YOU, and your prayers, have changed my life. Seriously.

While you’re at it, pray for my right ear- I have been off the plane for 6 hours and it still hasn’t popped from the pressure. It’s about to make me insane. And it hurts. I’m a whiner.

I’m miss Ghana and the Mozley family.

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