Going to the beach!!

Hey friends,

Though I’m not 100% sure that you are actually reading this (my blog meter is not working), I’m having a blast writing!

Let me just tell you this about our New Year’s Eve celebration-
1) fireworks
2) nasty ping pong tournament- Kwame Michael worked me in the first round, but then he went on to win the championship, so it was alright (I guess)
3) card games
4) laughing
5) phone calls to the states
6) steak and potatoes

I don’t have a lot of time to expound on many of these things because we are literally minutes away from loading up to go to the beach. But trust me that it was a good time. Real good. Rich and good.

I don’t think we will have internet access there, so this will be my last post until Wednesday night. I hope you survive, the two faithful readers of mine.

Keep praying for us- things are going great but it is ONLY because of the prayers of our friends. Dad is incredible- getting along great with everything and feeling completely comfortable. But please pray that it would continue-

Here’s a direct answer to your prayers- the Mozley’s have 2 water tanks. When the water runs low, showers stop as well as other water activities. Since we’ve been here, BOTH tanks have been full and we have been able to take showers WITH water pressure. That is God watching out for my Dad and the rest of us getting to benefit!

Ok, Ryan says to count this blog as his as well. If you haven’t read his blog, look to the right and click on his name. So good. But this goes for both of us. We plan on co-blogging before we go home. That will be life changing- for you and us. 🙂

Off to the beach! Time to get a sweet tan. (Yeah right- I’ve burned pretty much consistently since I was in 5th grade, so a tan is a long ago memory.)

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