The end of this story of hope.

Let’s go back to July 5th.  [If you haven’t read that post, PLEASE do so. It will make the rest of this post way cooler if you know the back story.]

Days before, I lost the only two jobs that were going to pay my July bills.

And I gained the chance to trust God to provide for me.

I remember saying to a friend, “I mean, play devil’s advocate and tell me this- what happens if I CAN’T pay the bills?”, just preparing myself in case I needed a Plan B.

Dear bloggy-friend, Christians don’t need a Plan B.

Let me tell you about the jobs that have come my way this month:

  • Someone at African Leadership needed a nanny. JUST FOR JULY.
  • My normal nanny family ended up needing me a few more days than they thought.
  • Mocha Club needed me to do some extra hours.
  • A sweet friend in town hired me to do some mailing work for her.
  • I had three REALLY AMAZING writing meetings with big companies in town.
  • I ran across an audition for a movie. So I did it.
  • I had a for real job interview. Mind you, I didn’t particularly want the job [nor did I get it], but when the opportunity came my way, I figured I should walk through ANY door that God was opening.
  • I did two editing jobs.

So pretty much, remember that month that I didn’t have any work?


Now, mind you. I had to work. I didn’t get to sit on my couch and merely check the mail, hoping that God would mail me a gazillion dollars. [Though He can do that and is welcome to at any point.]

But I did get to wake up every morning and go somewhere and get paid for being there. Some would call it “a job”. Or, in my case, “a bouquet of part-time jobs.” And all my bills got paid.

As much as I would have loved to come to you at the end of this month and say I WON THE LOTTERY, or I GOT A BOOK DEAL, or GOD MAILED ME MONEY, I think there is something beautiful about the truth of how God provided for me.

He gave me work. And then gave me so many new writing opportunities that kept me busy most weekends- and possibly for many months to come. [I can. not. wait. to tell you all about those. Soon, grasshoppers. Soon.]

July was an amazing month. Thanks for praying for me.

Psalm 34:8

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