I love that place.

In 200o. I went to Scotland.

In 2007. I went back to Scotland. It was. Sigh. So good.

In 2008. I get to go back again. We will be doing the same thing we did last year- taking a team from RiverStone Church to help lead a Summer Camp for high schoolers and middle schoolers.

Last year’s camp was the most challenging experience of my life. I was stretched beyond my limits. Far beyond. I called home crying more than once. “This is just SO HARD,” I would say, “I am really ready to be home.” And before I blinked, it was over. I was head over heels in love with a people and a camp and a nation. And I had signed up to go back.

And I can’t wait. Honestly. You may have noticed that I love Europe. But more than bikes, I love the people, especially the youth. I love the history. I love the land. I love it all.

I am so looking forward to sitting in this spot on the left and looking out that window. Because I’m pretty sure somewhere on that bookshelf I set a piece of my heart and left it there.

And I’m not traveling alone. Our mission team? Y’all. I don’t even know where to start.

Yes I do. Our team LOVES JESUS. I mean, REALLY love Him. Enough to take 2 weeks of their summer and spend it serving in Scotland. Enough to invest time and effort into raising $50,000. (We’re still about $10,000 short.) Enough to fast 24 hours each week and pray for one solid hour each Wednesday. Enough to fly across the ocean to laugh with and love a group of students they have never met, in order that the students may see Jesus. My team is ridiculously committed to Christ.

We have multiple families represented on our team- one married couple, three sets of siblings, a father and two sons, cousins, and a mother and daughter (that would be me and the Mama!). Isn’t that amazing?!? Of the 24 people going, half are going with a family member.

And it is beautiful.

I’m one of the team leaders and it has been humbling, challenging, strengthening, frustrating, scary, and life changing. Before we even leave American soil.

Scotland is a country that is in desperate need of God, especially in the youth culture. We are hoping and praying and believing God for BIG things. Please hope, pray, and believe with us. And pray for me as the leader- I want to be a servant, be humble, be joyful, be brave, and I want to live in a way that causes my team members to rise up into the fullness of who God made them to be. Lofty goal, I know. If the team doesn’t come home stronger in their faith, then I have not fulfilled my calling as the leader. It’s not easy. Not even a little bit.

But it’s worth it. It’s all worth it to see this. Hands. Raised. In purest worship. To a God who has loved them forever.
That’s why we go. That’s why we return. That’s why I love Scotland.

Wanna help support our team? Mail a check to RiverStone Church, 2005 Stilesboro Road, Kennesaw, GA 30152. Make out the check to RiverStone, and attach a sticky note saying for “Scotland Mission Team 2008” or my name, but leave the memo line blank. We only need $10,000 more- is God calling you to partner with us and help us get there?

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