I told you it would be a challenge.

It’s 9:18am. I’m running out to door to eat breakfast and head to the game. I knew this weekend would be tough, but I’m not scared.

No clue when blogging will occur for serious. Just so you know.

Hopefully tonight.

Did I mention the concert last night was AMAZING? Because it was. Videos and pictures to come soon. But don’t tell the Tabernacle- we weren’t allowed to take pictures.

By the way, David Crowder said, more than one “It’s just not right. It’s stupid, that’s how good it is.”

Why the man gots to use my signature phrases? Caroline, who I steal signature phrases from, would have been up in arms. He’s lucky I like him so much, otherwise I’d sue him for infringement on the things I say.

I could do that- right, Bill?

Have a great Saturday. Enjoy these short posts. They are few and far between.

Go Dawgs.

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