I went to a shower. For a dog.


I know. It was a magical combination between totally bizarro and totally awesome.

Because it was just like a baby shower. Minus the baby. Plus a dog.


A cute dog. Named Murphy.

And here’s another fact: Doggy has 2 mommies- Graham and her roomie. And it was a surprise for Mommy #2 (Roomie) and Murphy. The dog.

So I attended a surprise dog shower.



I know. Hilarious. And just in case you can’t tell, that sign says “IT’S A BOY!”

Have. You. Ever.

And here is the food- mostly puppy related. Dog bone shaped cookies, puppy chow, and dogs in a blanket. [Also known as pigs in a blanket, but we’re saving that for the piglet shower we’re throwing next week.]


And of course, what baby puppy shower is complete without the gifts?


Here’s Murphy with our friend Craig. That’s really cute. But Murphy, it is no replacement for writing thank you notes. Just cause you are a dog doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow etiquette. You are a southern puppy and you will write thank you notes.


Adam was just checking the iPaw, I guess, to make sure the music was appropriate for Murphy. He’s young. We have to censor what goes into his little mind.


If you know how much I love puns, then you know that the “iPaw” kept me in stitches.

As did the “Chewy Vuiton” plush toy purse.

And the stuffed high heel?

“Manolo Barknik.”

That. Is. Funny.

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