I will give Him thanks.

I like what Benjamin Franklin said-
“...the longer I live the more convincing proof I see of this truth, that God governs in the affairs of men.”

I hear ya, Benji. Because I know God is all up in my affairs. I closed on my house today.

I could not have sold that house. Jim Glover is really good, but no one is this good. Except God. I sat at the lawyer’s desk today, blue pen in hand. As I turned from page to page, signing my name on the line, a smile crept across my face. I couldn’t help it. I kept thinking, “I can’t believe You did this for me, God.”

I’m sure the others were concerned about my mental state, or maybe my bank account, that I would be so thrilled. But I was. I am. Because He has proven to me again that I am not able. I don’t have enough [fill-in-the-blank: skillz, style, sass, money, power, etc.] to pull any of this off. The sale. The move. The writing. None of it.

And as I sat there, my heart swelled at the idea that for every day of the rest of my life, He is able.

My brain is composing faster than my hands. So many thoughts towards God are floating through my mind. Worship with words. Paragraph after paragraph, line after line, to tell you the goodness of our God. About how HIS plan is better, different, extreme, and relentless. How when He sets a course NOTHING can deter it, even the plea of a scared school teacher. And how, all day long, I have sensed His very near presence. His palpable excitement over whatever is over that GA/TN state line. And that gets me excited.

Does that mean all fear and sadness is gone? Or that I don’t want to control the details? Absolutely not. I’ve not attained some perfect status. BY FAR. Instead, I’ve let go. I don’t have to work it out anymore. I just live it out.

My life? It’s His. I am my Beloveds. Maybe for the first time.

I have been a Christian for a while. But what is this new thing growing in me? This blind trust, this belief that He can and will handle it all, this blatant disregard for the things that look safe and secure in exchange for the knowledge that HE is my safety and security?

If this is truly being a Christ follower, I’m new here. But I’m here to stay.

Wanna join me?

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