I’m gonna talk about the snow.

Because I don’t know if you know this, but Nashville has been covered in snow for a few months weeks days now.

Honestly, on and off for January and February, we have seen a ton of snow. [Which is a relative statement, I agree. By “ton,” I mean “max 6 inches at a time.”]

Not DC kind of snow. That junk is insane. 30+ inches? Man, if I lived up there, I would have put on my winter gear, opened a second story window, and jumped out it and right into a snow drift.

[Disclaimer: I have no idea if that would even be possible or wise, I’m just saying that it sounds like fun.]

I’ve discovered in the last few weeks that I was meant to be a Southerner. Now, y’all know good and well that I don’t like getting all hot and sweaty like what happens in South Georgia round about August.

[Most hillbilly sentence of my life? Done.]

But for as much as I dislike being outside on an August afternoon, I’m figuring out that I don’t much prefer the freezing temps that Nashville has been experiencing. I miss going outside. I miss the option to walk places. I’m tired of wearing the same five heavy sweaters over and over and over again.

Dear Nashville fashionistas, forgive me.

I’m just ready to be able to be outside. I. Like. Sunshine.

And bizarrely enough, it seems that we keep getting snow on Sundays and Mondays. I don’t really know why that is. But alas. Tis true. I wanna be all, “Hey weather system, what’s up with hitting Nashville on Mondays?”

I talked to my Hawaiian sister Tatum on the phone yesterday and told her that having snow and ice like this does bad bad things for my motivation to be a productive member of society. See, on a normal snow-free week, I plan out my schedule, know when I’m expected to be at each job, know when Bible study is and when dinners with friends are planned. And I attend all those things without complaint.

But, when the weather is so unreliable, you wonder if everything is going to be canceled. And you silently hope that it is. And Lazy Annie starts planning all the things she’ll do around the house if she’s “snowed in.” Like, you know, watch TV.

So while I appreciate the seasons, and while I do think it’s fun to take pictures of the snow and mail them to my Compassion kid Fred, I am quite sure that this Southern girl is ready for spring.

Which is unfortunate. Because it’s mid-February.

Weather Whine-Fest 2010 shall now cease.

On another note, let’s talk for one little minute about THE BACHELOR. I am SO glad Jake kept Tenley, surprised actually. Though I fear Vienna is going to win. [I could write a whole post about my thoughts on The Bachelor, but I’ve just waxed less-than-poetically about the weather. That’s all the torture I’m inflicting on you for today.]

Your thoughts on weather [yours, mine, or in general], The Bachelor, or life are always welcome.

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