It’s a little linky in here. Phew.

Because sometimes it’s just better to tell you about other people who are blogging really well.


This is one of my favorite blogs. A lot of writers/ singers/ songwriters/ artists/ awesome people contribute to this blog. I am rarely intimidated, [in fact- I err on the side of being TOO willing to make a fool of myself] but even I won’t comment on this blog. It’s just too good, people. Too many fine artists and wordsmiths gather on this one blog and it scares the mess outta me.

But this blog is still one of my favorites.

The post today has everyone listing their favorite song lyric. 68 other people are brave enough to comment. Not me, buddy. I came real close- composed it and all, then the courageous lioness in me hit back space fifty times. Classy.

But I think it is an AWESOME read. Seriously, check it out. And if you are brave enough to comment, I tip my blog hat [blat? hog?] to you. Yes, I tip my hog to you.


I know, I’ve sent you here before. But I think it is cool that he sees the importance of musicians and other artists having a presence in the blog world. As a future big deal published author [insert pipe dream here], I agree with him! Blogging is becoming a powerful tool. Hmm… I love power…. Ahem. Sorry. So stick him in your bloglines and just check out the cool things he is doing. And he’s funny. That’s enough for my blog-taste.


Also, as you see on my sidebar, Compassion has done an amazing thing by taking fifteen big deal bloggers to Uganda this week. My girl BooMama is one of them. She has such a beautiful and hilarious outlook on life, that I can’t wait to see read about her experiences. And I encourage you to do the same. (Check all those blogs by clicking “read”- how cool to see fifteen different eye witness accounts of the same experience. Thank you, technology, for being beautiful. When you don’t suck.)

Not to mention that she knows good music when she hears it.


BooMama has a blog BFF and sidekick named BigMama and she is also quite a joy to read. Sister makes me laugh out loud every day at least once. And it’s rare to find someone who has a passion for mexican food that rivals my own.

They are both going to be at THIS CONFERENCE… and I totally think I want to go.

I lead you to these websites because I honestly have nothing of worth to blog about.

This tends to happen, for you new bloggites, when I’m writing something else that is required to be worthy…. or at least look like I attempted that. Like, oh, I don’t know, talks for THIS RETREAT, or proposals for THIS CONFERENCE, or finishing content for my real writing website. Seriously. All I’m saying about my website is this- headshots. I know, Annie being a model is comedy at it’s finest and you will have every backstage access to this hilarity as it ensues.

And, somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear the word “journal”. I mean, I think I have a journal…. somewhere under the pile of clothes that has taken over my bed. [Where I, shockingly, found a pair of scissors. Yes, scissors in my dirty clothes. Did I WEAR those? You know it’s time to wash when…..]

So, point being, I should write in my journal too. Just in case the internet dies and my blog dies with it.

Click on, bloggites! See you tomorrow.

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