Let me introduce myself.

I’m Annie.

I’m the eldest daughter of a really good CPA.

And I’m addicted to being financially organized.

Here’s something funny I forgot about myself until this week, when I began grad school at KSU: When I have something to do (i.e- read 6 chapters in 2 books and write a 2 page paper), I remember a lot of things that need to get done around the house in order to be better organized. And those things feel far more pressing than the actual school work that is due this week.

So I just spent the last 115 minutes (literally) doing the following activities:

– Balancing my checkbook to the PENNY. Every time. Without fail. And if I’m off 5 cents or $5, I keep going back until I fix it. It can take, and has taken in the past, upwards of an hour. Today it was only about 25 minutes.

– Paying the bills.

– Making new folders on my hotmail email account. Instead of having one “bills” folder, I think it will be more useful to have one for each bill that I pay online.

– Putting the correct emails in each folder.

– Completing my Microsoft Excel file for July and August that contains the cost of each bill per month and the total each month. This way, I am able to compare the same month each year and see how the prices compare. As well as making sure I paid all the bills each month.

– Filing my paycheck stubs/contribution receipts for the last few months.

– Filing the bills I have paid by mail.

– Renewing subscriptions to magazines that expire in Aug 07, Sept 07, or Oct 07.

Wow. That may be the most boring blog I’ve ever written. The sad part? I feel great right now.

Unfortunately, I still have some reading to do for grad school. Where did all the time go?

Tattoo update: Still undecided. But all opinions have been greatly appreciated.

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