My grandmother died today.

We’ve known it would be soon for a few days. She’s been in a coma since Friday. In fact, she’s been sick for a few years. I’m so glad that she is seeing Jesus face to face. She has been a prayer warrior for our family and I can only imagine the beautiful crowns she has laid down. And the colors she can see! [I’m looking forward to the colors.] So I’m sure she is thrilled.

But we are still sad.

It has zapped my creativity. It has quieted my writing. It has silenced my emailing and blogging.

It makes me want to just read and read and read. Fiction. Tons of fiction. And the Psalms. And maybe do a puzzle. Ma loved puzzles.

So forgive me while things go silent around here for a few days.

And thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts for our family.

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