Merry KissMoose.

December dinner club meeting (aka “Stoners“) = full on success. Tonight was the Sweater Soiree. Please enjoy as a few local fashion designers are featured.

First up, we have the staff members of RiverStone Church wearing vintage DBardwell. Nice, ladies. Candace, in the awkwardly flowy gown-of-sorts, was our host tonight. She featured this meal- burrito casserole. It ruled. The is the remnants of the … ahem … second casserole. The first one? Goner. Don’t judge lest you yourself be judged.For you people not in the South, this is what we call puttin‘ a hurtin‘ on a meal. And we did it. You can also see Candace’s signature dessert in the background. Pound cake. Here is Emily shopping through some DBardwell and PDowns signature series shirts. How do you pick between gorgeous and breathtaking? She didn’t know either …. until she saw the embroidery.
Heather went for the other. Rick-rack on the three quarter length sleeves? If that’s wrong, she refuses to be right. And candy on Emily’s collar? Genius. Here is Katie and Haley. Katie is sporting a CWeber original (including jingling accessories) while Haley enjoys some signature pound cake in a PDowns vest from her 1993 collection.Below, I am proudly wearing a PDowns, circa 1987. And if you think I’m kidding, I can show you the picture where she is wearing this and is pregnant with my 19 year old sister. Sally wasn’t 19 years old when Mom was pregnant with her …. it was 19 years ago …. Sally was just a baby …. okay, we’re all getting confused. I’m saying that this collared sweatshirt in it’s 20th year. It is a COLLECTOR’S ITEM. Just like this photograph. And my bangs? I don’t know how I did that, but I make a vow to you that I will never do it again.
[P.S- Jason, I expect you to proudly frame this picture in your room at Columbia. Just so you know.]

Last, but certainly not least, the newest items from the MerDykes clothing line. We were … how do you say …. privileged to get this full outfit tonight because this is actually from her current closet. Words for this. Umm. Colorful? Life changing? Memorable? Original? Best in show? It’s obvious how it makes Molly feel. THAT, my friends, is the cross-legged laugh of a proud daughter.Finally, an “Sears Portrait Studios would be proud” photograph. Is it just me, or does this scream CHRISTMAS IS HERE? No, you can’t use it as your Christmas card. Well, you can, for a price. All this beauty isn’t free.

Oh, and were you confused about the post title?

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