Mortified, table for 1?

There have been two times this week that I really made a fool of myself. Sadly for you, I can’t remember one of them.

But the other.

Oh the other.

My friends Ernie and Alex just got engaged last night. [It’s a wonderful story and my heart is so full for the two of them- the Lord has done great things for us.] Alex was in a girls’ small group that I led a few years ago and she has been a precious friend to me for a long time.

So today, when I found out, I wrote this text message:

“Seriously. I can’t wait to hug your neck. I am so pumped for you.”

Then I sent it.

And about 2 nanoseconds after I hit send, horror struck me.

Though I had every intention of sending this text to Alex, I accidentally sent it to the person below her on my cell phone contact list.

And that person would be my friend Kathryn’s HUSBAND, Allen. Please go back now and read my text message again. The one I sent to a dude. That is married.

Yes, I told someone else’s husband I was pumped for him. And I couldn’t wait to hug his neck.

I’m blushing just typing it. Have mercy.

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