RagamuffinTop Challenge 5

Well. That was a better week. See for yourself. 1 pound. I’m so cool with that.

Next week-
Exercise 4 times before Sunday
Do Weight Watchers Core Program Monday-Sunday. [Small goals, people. Small goals.]

Check on EVERYBODY ELSE! (We started at 70+, now down to the 30s? Tragic. Hang in there, commenters. Only YOU can prevent blog-drop-outs. So give these folks some love.)

And for you guys who look for my updates every week on Carlos’ link [which is super kind and much appreciated], I’m doing the ole name switcharoo after this week. Instead of “AnnieD”, look for “AnnieBlogs”. It’s a long complicated story involving intense blog-peer pressure and a bunch of girls shoving me in a locker, stealing my lunch, and threatening to beat my blog up if I didn’t switch names.

Not really. They didn’t steal my lunch.

Focus- okay. Just look for AnnieBlogs from now on, okay?

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