rebaI think you know this. But I’ll remind you. I live in Nashville and seeing famous country music stars isn’t totally weird. And I’ll be honest and say that when I pass any famous person at the grocery store or wherever, I’m cool as a cucumber.

Who would I not be cool around because I love her and want to know her? REBA.

And because the following story still breaks my heart a little bit, my friend Emily is going to tell you the story. Emily, take it. [I’m going to shoot some thoughts in here- they’ll be in red. Like this.]


Dear AnnieBlogs readers,

I’m going to tell you the story of when Annie and I stood beside Reba and Annie didn’t even know. [That sentence alone still makes me sick.]

Annie, Ashley, Betsy and I went to go see Michael…finally. [The Michael Jackson movie “This Is It” is what she speaks of.] And after 2ish hours of pure genius, we exited the theater and followed Betsy, who had an enviable sized Coke during the movie, to the restroom. [Betsy is a heavy Diet Coke drinker.] Annie, Ashley and I waited outside the restrooms with a handful of other people doing the same. I’m a people watcher, so naturally I stood there and looked around. There were 3 people staring down the 2012 cutout, a boy dressed in too many shades of blue from head to toe, aaand REBA. Just standing there. [Ugh.] I’m not really a huge fan [ridiculous] so I didn’t think anything of it.

I noticed Annie whispering something to Ashley and giving the head nod that usually goes along with telling someone to look a certain way. So I figured for sure she’d seen her, right? Wrong. [This is true- I was pointing out the Ashley that a VERY D-list musician was standing about 10 feet past Reba. You read that right- I was looking PAST Reba to see said D-lister. Sickening.]

After a couple minutes, REBA‘s husband walked out of the restroom and they headed to the escalator. Figuring it was an okay time to let REBA fan Annie start re-living the fact that she was standing 3 feet from the woman herself [THREE FEET, y’all], I mentioned that I figured that’s what she had whispered to Ashley. Except that comment was met with a “WHAT?!” [I thought she was joking. Then I panicked.] Annie looked just in time to see REBA & Co. halfway up the escalator. Betsy emerged, found out what she missed, and shamelessly bolted up the escalator to catch a glimpse [which shocked me because Betsy is my biggest Reba-love critic, but her true colors came out right then]. Ashley was close behind. And Annie disclosed that had she known in time, she would’ve been so excited that a “run and tackle” would’ve been appropriate [I think I said “hug”].

And thus ends the night I saved REBA‘s life.  You owe me, Ms. McEntire.

Love, Emily


So pretty much, Emily allowed me to stand RIGHT BESIDE REBA and not even say anything.

Trust me, I went through the appropriate phases of grief, and it ended with Emily and I having a very serious conversation about how we [SHE] should do things differently next time.

As in, “Emily. I’m serious. If this EVER happens again, you say something. You say something right away.”

At least I saw her going up the escalator.

And I did scream, “I might have been born just plain white trash, but FANCY WAS MY NAME!!”

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