Redwood you believe this?!?

Here are some pictures from the Redwood Forest that we visited yesterday. I know I looked like your everyday tourist, being that my jaw dropped at the sight of this and didn’t fully recover until I was chewing the meat at dinner. But y’all. These trees are RIDICULOUS.

Someone said, “If I came to Georgia, what could you show me?”

Do you even WANT to know what my answer was? It will not make you proud to be a Georgian or a friend of mine. Consider yourself warned.

The only thing that came to mind was this. “Uh… Stone Mountain has a great laser show.”

STONE MOUNTAIN!?! Hi. I’m Annie. I’m a total redneck.

All that to say that I’m sure there are many other beautiful things in Georgia that should have come to mind first, but they didn’t. I’m sorry that I am your representative here. It’s shameful. To say the least.

But the laser show is pretty good. When those generals run across the stone face, tears and goosebumps. I don’t care who you are.

Here is a picture of Linda, Mel, and Sarah at the cross section of one of these huge redwoods. Mel is pointing at a sign that tells us the size of the tree when JESUS WAS BORN. What even. How is that possible?!? Awesome.

We just up and decided that we needed some additional nature in our lives, so we headed to this Redwood Forest.

And because there is a slight [real] chance that we are the funniest group of women here, we had some good jokes.

I love taking pictures of people taking pictures of themselves. It makes me laugh.

This is the moment when I thought it was cool to be a gnome. And it was. The other gnomes were so kind. They let me sit on their mushrooms, drink from their flower petal tea cups, and photograph their front door. But they refused to be in the picture with me. Punks.

And Linda? She may have a book deal (whoop whoop!), but she is not right. That’s probably why I like her so much.

And because we are all secretly twelve years old, we took this one. Does that look like a group of authors to you? Would you pay for their work?You will, friends. You will.

And for all you unbelievers, we actually SAW A HOBO. With our eyes. And our camera. So booyah on you. Well, not “you” exactly, but “you” meaning Linda. Because she is an unbeliever in hobos. Pray for her hobo-salvation.

[I probably went too far with that. But it’s funny. And a Canadian pastor that we’ve been sitting by says it’s fine. And I trust all things Canadian.]

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