Royal Mail.

I slept late today. Real late. College late. It felt awesome.

About an hour ago (yes, 11:30am), I finally made my way downstairs and sat on the couch, still mildly blurry eyed, when something SLAMMED in to my front door. It made me jump. And it cleared my blurry eyes.

I hopped up and looked out the slats of the blind that hangs on the door. I saw a rectangular package with “ROYAL MAIL” stamped on the front.

‘I told the Queen to quit sending me jewels,’ I thought, ‘when will she ever listen?’

I hurriedly grabbed the package and tore in to it. Aparently.It is better than jewels from the Queen. It is a Christmas present from two of my favorite friends in Scotland!! Harry and Anne!!What was in the package? Well, a print of St. Andrews, my favorite location (so far) in Scotland, and a book of the history of Scotland. Call me a dork, but I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to study first. The book looks insanely informative and the print has fabulous colors. I’m pumped about both.And no, I won’t be displaying and describing every Christmas present I receive this year. This one just is such a sweet reminder of the place I have grown to love so much. And the people. I have a few new readers (probably about 2) since I returned from Scotland, so if you haven’t seen my pictures from last year, they are HERE.

We have our first meeting tomorrow for the Scotland 08 trip. And, crazy as it seems, I am leading the trip. So, I BEG you to pray for me in this role. [I mean that as much as I have ever meant anything I’ve written on this blog.]

But for the last week or so, my thoughts about Scotland have revolved around logos, fundraisers, meeting agendas, contacting team members, coordinating calendars, planning meetings, creating spreadsheets, and generally just stressing about doing this “leading” thing correctly.

And this Royal Mail reminds me of the real reason we do these trips. Not to look like a great leader. Or coordinate everything perfectly. Not to get presents [Justin!]. But to honor God by honoring the people we meet. To glorify God in the everyday part of friendships. To go across the ocean in order to build relationships that far outlast a 14 day trip.

Thank you, Harry and Anne, for the gifts, for loving me and for being a reminder that God is far more concerned with my heart than my organization skills.

Enough for today … I’ve got a new book to read.

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