Santa knows me. So does my Mom.

I have a confession and I don’t think I’ve ever told you this.

I get lost. A lot. It’s embarrassing. It’s tragic. It’s lame.

Now I’m not saying that I get lost going to the same places, but every time I go somewhere new I get lost. There are some places that I can get to pretty easily- my job, my house, my church, my parents’ house- but everywhere else, well, to be honest, it’s a little risky. There is always a chance that I will make the wrong turn, mix up the names of streets, or simply not remember how to get somewhere.

Even worse- if I’ve never been there, buddy, it is ugly. Usually, on average, 3-4 wrong turns, 1-2 pull overs to check the directions that I’ve printed off the computer, and then the whole saga usually ends with 1 phone call. To my dad. Asking him how in the world to get somewhere.

If you think I’m kidding, you have never asked me to meet you anywhere. Because if we’ve met somewhere, you’ve had me call your cell phone because I was lost. It’s true. I know it.

UNTIL NOW.Oh yeah, that’s exactly what it looks like. A Garmin navigational system. I call him Danny Garmin. (Because the voice that gives me directions is “British English- Daniel”, but we’re such good friends already that I call him Danny.)

So no more of this getting lost business. Not for me. I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am. For weeks, Mom has been telling me that I would be SOOOO excited about my gift. And usually, that’s the kiss of death, is it not? I kept telling her not to over-pump it and leave me some space not to like the gift, but she INSISTED I would love it. She knows me.
Here is an action shot. Yes, I’ve already had the chance to use Danny Garmin. More about that tomorrow. But here are some things to notice:

1) Yes, I was driving down I-285 when I took this picture. Not super safe, but that’s how much you mean to me.

2) Yes, my tape player does say “play”. I still connect my iPod through my tape player. Back off.

3) I found my way home all by myself.

4) You can tell I’m going around the right speed- more than 30mph but definitely less than 80mph. And I’m going in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

Excellent, isn’t it? Don’t be jealous. Just ride with me.

I am a happy happy lady.

I think I may have just met the man of my dreams.

Danny Garmin, you had me at hello.

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