See? It will be like that.

Notice that I didn’t blog yesterday? AND I’M OKAY WITH THAT.

And see those 119 blog posts that are waiting in my google reader? I IGNORED THEM last night because I wanted to watch the American Idol finale.

Dear 119 bloggers, it’s not you. It’s me. In fact, I love you enough to not skim your blog, so I’ll read them for realz today while Brother and Sister take their daily naps.

[Dear boundaries, nice to meet you.]

Speaking of reading blogs, if you have some spare time and want to get to know the other people who come here everyday, head back to Monday’s post and do some clicking in the comment section. Because y’all are some GOOD WRITERS.  I loved reading them. It’s like we all sit in the same coffee shop everyday- let’s call it AnnieBlog CoffeeHouse – and it’s about time y’all made eye contact and waved. Cause you’re all here together…. and it’s awkward to see the same people every day and not say hey.

Don’t be awkward.

Except I am a lot. So whatever.

American Idol. Can we talk about Adam Lambert and KISS? Good gravy. And sweet Kris. That was beautiful. Let me give you a math equation:

Kris Allen + Keith Urban = highlight of the season for me.

So I leave in ONE WEEK for Capetown. Want to read more about my trip? You can go here. As well, I’ll be blogging live every day of the trip at the Mocha Club blog. Yeah, pretty much I get to blog everyday. From Africa. Breaks my heart? NOT. AT. ALL. Me gusto blogging for realz, no matter what hemisphere I’m in.

I think I’m going to make a video about packing. Cause maybe that will be funny. Or boring. [Or fun-ring. Or bor-nny. Funny and boring. Is that possible?]

Speaking of bloggy-videos, I’ve got part 1 of a 2-parter in the can. Part 2 will be done Friday so I’ll attempt to post it pre-taco job Friday night. Maybe it’s a 2 parter because I’m a big deal. But more likely, it’s a 2 parter about getting my new driver’s license because I went to the wrong office Tuesday and then ran out of time to go the the right office so I have to go tomorrow.

That was a run-on sentence.

If this is the kind of brain puke that Thursday has to offer, I don’t have much hope for today being all that profound.

So here’s a question: If you were REALLY at AnnieBlogs CoffeeHouse, what would you order? [I’d have a vanilla soy chai. It’s my favorite.]

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