SheSpeaks: Ze Recap 09

Oh man there is such. pressure. to recap well. Let me tell you this first:  SheSpeaks is a Christian womens conference put on by Proverbs 31 for writers, speakers, bloggers, and women’s ministry workers. So that’s where I was.

The other pressure is to link to all my friends and make sure that you get to see their blogs cause they are cute and fun and wonderful ladies.

The pressure. It is stressing me out.

So I’m going to do the best job I can recapping and not link up to anyone yet- as I see great recap blogs, with super sassy pictures of me that are very informative, I’ll send you there. Obviously.

In honor of my dear friend [I wish] Julie Andrews, I’m going to tell you “a few of my favorite things”:

1. Raindrops on roses.

2. Whiskers on kittens.

Ok. I kid. But for realz. Here’s why SheSpeaks ruled this year:

1. My friends. Sophie and Melanie kept me in STITCHES the entire weekend. Having Shannon on the East Coast was a serious thrill. Making new friends and catching up with old bloggy-buddies was awesome. I am the biggest fan of communal living and retreat like situations. So having all these friends in the same hotel for a weekend was bliss for me. [I’m a simple gal. It doesn’t take much to please me.]

2. Meeting blog readers.I totally love putting faces with your names. We’re doing that with YouBlogs, but it’s a whole different thing to get to hug. I met Beth, a reader and one of the people who prayed for me while I wrote my book. Also Mary, Sarah, Victoria. It was just awesome. Because it’s a conference full of bloggers, it’s not weird to meet people who read your blog- bloggers read blogs. But none the less. I love you guys so much, you blogmies, so to see you live, and hug your neck, just makes me happy in my soul.

3. Seeing and talking with Lysa TerKeurst. She’s a hero of mine- in ministry, in writing, in blogging, in life. She invests in my life over and over again and it is changing who I am. In a good way.

4. Learning some amazing writing stuff. With book #1 totally done-ski (still waiting on a publisher- pray it up!)  and book #2 (a children’s picture book) with my agent, it’s time to get rolling on #3. Mary DeMuth, whom I already LOVED, taught a class on writing  a proposal that totally re-energized me for book #3. There were a few classes that I just adored and I’m excited to implement what I learned into my writing.

And there is more. So much more. But forgive me as I take a few days to download the information into my mind. And my heart. Cause God’s doing somethin’ in there. And it’s good.

So, as the week goes on, I will continue to sit on my couch, watch Shark Week, and tell you new things I know thanks to SheSpeaks. Deal?

Oh, before I go…. something really cool called (in)courage is launching this week. I’m going to tell you more about it Wednesday, but you can read as some of my friends talk about it today!

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