Smile, Wednesday.

A picture is worth… oh cliches make my stomach feel kinda funny. In an uncomfortable yucky way.

On to the purpose of this post…. what a Wednesday looks like in Nashville. Well, what THIS Wednesday looked like in Nashville.

Any Wednesday, heck, any good summer day, starts with Certain Dri. Wait…. you don’t know the glory of Certain Dri?

Let me explain in non-scientific terms. You put Certain Dri on like deodorant, you just put it on at night. And then baby, you better fall asleep quickly because that junk BURNS. Somehow, it kills all your sweat glands. It can’t be safe, but it is sure effective. The Certain Dri A.M- its new to me. But when I saw it in the store, I could not resist. In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve got a picnic to attend Sunday afternoon.

Today I also completed my craft, thanks to the skills and knowledge of my sweet friend Natalie who came up with this genius-ness. It’s so easy, listen. All you do is buy a frame, metal hooks, and some screen. Attach the hooks, staple on the screen, hang that puppy on the wall, and you’ve got yourself a fine little jewelry holder. Thanks, Nat!

Obviously, there is plenty of space left, so as soon as Target has another sale, baby, I’m loading up. [Did I mention how trendy Nashville is? Did I mention how NOT trendy I am? It’s a really special combo.]

And then, once my craft was complete, I went and sat on our porch to read. It’s a tough life, folks.

Seriously, don’t waste your life away trying to figure out what I’m reading. [That’s totally what I do when I see stuff like this, but I’m obsessively ridiculous about internet-stalking of this nature. As in, I love it.] I’ll tell you, sorta. One of them is a topic I don’t blog about. Yet. Right now. Today. Maybe soon. Maybe that’s what I’m learning in this book. Blah blah blah. The other book is The Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg.

Both are good. Really good. As good as Tom Downs home grown tomatoes? Of course not.

Poor roommate, home from her first day of pre-planning, sat down and started working immediately on 3rd grade lesson plans.

My lesson plans for Thursday? Let me check.

Uh, kinda like today. Without the craft. Plus some writing. Lots o’ writing. 1000 word goal.

Tomorrow’s post… my first Nashville crush.

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