The blog is quiet because Nashville is crazy.

It’s every-tour-bus-come-to-town week! Also known as CMAFest, also known as FanFare. Also known as Fanny-Packs-of-Country-Music-Unite!

And Nashville is crazy busy.

So, alas, I am crazy busy.

Fan club parties. CMT Awards watching and discussing of outfits. A trip to the Bluebird Cafe. Everyone is home and everyone is busy and it is super fun.

But I had to hop on here because I’d hate for you to miss this- Dave Barnes has a cameo on All My Children- yesterday and today. So either watch it, watch it tonight on SOAP Network, or watch online.

Or you can just enjoy my friend Jami’s twitvideo from today. [Yesterday’s clip is awesome too, like a music video. Rad. But you’ll have to find it online.]

Back to work. And play.


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