This is a white flag.

That I am waving. I give up.

Fine, 10 page paper, you win. You have defeated me. I have one section left, the hard section, where I actually have to use research to say something instead of just my vast mental knowledge.

It’s 9:54pm. The Falcons are losing by 11 points. And how did I find that video of “Today’s Special”? It’s an old college trick of mine- finding very important information when I should be working on an assignment. A few minutes on YouTube and I’m watching 80s gold.

My paper is, if you can believe this, TOO LONG. I have apparently done TOO good on the first eight sections. Ridiculous. Editor, where are you when I need you?

UGA Annie would have loved this junk- the pressure, the ticking clock, having to get it all done in such a short amount of time. Due in 20 hours. A 3am lap around the house to get the ole brain juices flowing again.

But Adult Annie thinks staying up past 11pm is “pulling an all nighter”. So I won’t make it much longer.

Good Professor gave us the option of turning this paper in next Tuesday. Adult Annie wanted to stick to the real deadline, not turn it in late. I tried not to embrace that option.

But now I’m giving it a bear hug.

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