Today I want to read.

I have set aside two hours today to read.

And I just would love to read some good blog posts. Funny. Serious. Recipe. Your favorite post of your own. Your favorite post from someone else. A big announcement on your blog. A big heartbreak. A daily thing. Whatevs it is… I’d just like to read your blog, please.

Or good online articles. Have you read any good articles lately?

Or good poetry. My friends Hannah and Kinsley make me want to love poetry.

I’d even settle for a good spoken word video or a good music video that has moving lyrics.

I don’t care. I just want to hear what YOU are saying instead of what I am saying.

I need the words.


Let’s do this. Leave a link in the comments- to your own words, other people’s words, anything but my words. Boss me around. Give me some good words to chew on.

What should I read today?

Let's be friends!

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