Welcome Home.

So… when I said I wasn’t really working on my blog, that was only half-true. I was working on THIS blog.

I figured if I was moving cities, I should go ahead and move blogs too, right? Why not be COMPLETELY uncomfortable and out of place in EVERY arena of life? Sounds good to me.

At least there is some solice. I CAN DO THIS ALL I WANT. Oh the humor that can be magnified by just a little line through some strategically placed words. Glorious.

So look around, see what you think, and let me know. This is NOT the final template, there will be far more color in the near future. But for now, I totally dig it.

Please change your bookmarks, bloglines, google reader, blogroll whateva- to Annie Blogs and link to ANNIEBLOGS.COM

Next post I PROMISE will contain much information and a possible video regarding the move to Nashville. So far so good. Well, not really “so good”, more like “I wish I could go home but I love God very much and I know He has called me to this so I’m going to stay and I’m choosing to believe that this is the greatest thing God has ever done for me”.

But that just doesn’t have that same easy ring, does it?

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