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One of the coolest kids in the youth group, Kelly, made this for me. Seriously, I gave her some instruction (the words, etc.), but she make the logo herself. I think it is RAD. No joke, how can a high schooler [correction: MIDDLE SCHOOLER8th grade!] be this talented? I told her, in all honesty, it blessed me that she was able to do this. God has given her an awesome eye for these things and the knowledge of how to create them. And I’m glad to know her (for lots of reasons, not just her mad graphic design skillz.)

It will mainly be used for my letterhead. You know, I have lots of brilliant ideas to send via snail mail all over the United States. And some of them may have to do with writing. [bah-dum ching!] I was reading a writing website yesterday and it says you really need your own letterhead. I think it’s a bit weird to have your own logo, but I’ve never shied away from weird before. So I went for it.

And I would also use it, or a version of it, for my [yet to be created but much desired] writing website.

If nothing else, someday I’ll be rocking on my front porch, sipping sweet tea and my grandchildren will be chasing each other all over the yard. Covered in sweat, one of the littlest ones will sit on the steps of the porch and ask, “When did you realize you were a big deal, Gran Annie?”

And I’ll sigh, rock back in my chair, and say in a slow grandma southern drawl, “The day I got my own logo, chil’. The day I got my own logo.”

Oh geez. My mind is not right. But just so you know, I am laughing out loud at myself right now. I wish Tatum was awake- I’d make her read that immediately. OH WAIT! Yes! She just walked down the hallway- please pause while I force her to listen to my good jokes……….

She loved it.

Previous to this blog post, I had just returned home from book club. Another awesome night- it is truly a highlight of my life. I wrote an article about it a year or so ago. If you’ve never seen it (it was P.B.- “pre blog”), you can check it out here.

Stepping Update:
1- mailed package to agent today
2- important meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3:45- pray for wisdom (more info to come on this)
3- got registration letter from writer’s conference
4- got butterflies in stomach due to letter
5- forgot how to write in complete sentences when making a list

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