When The Night Comes

I haven’t told y’all about this yet, but I have a new job.

Yes, I know. I’ve had quite a collection of jobs during my time here in Nashville [book proposal pending- cause who wouldn’t pay $12 to read all about my professional life?] and so to hear that I have a new one isn’t a shocker.

Since, you know, I had EIGHT at one point this fall.


Anyways, I’m down to about four. And this new one is really cool.

SUPER short summary: I work for a company here in Nashville called The Brave. The Brave is owned by Ryan Smith and Bobby Bailey (founder of Invisible Children). The UN [yep- this one] has contracted us to do a campaign to help spread the message of the importance of treated nets for malaria prevention. I’m the content writer at The Brave, so all the words that leave our office are written by me or have passed through my editorial hands.


This campaign has two arms- a film titled When The Night Comes and then a movement/event in April [I’ll tell you more about that in the future].

We premiered the film last night in Nashville and it was an amazing time. There are a handful of us that work at The Brave together, and many of our friends had not seen the film yet. I have seen it a handful of times during the editing process, but to see it on the big screen, to see the truth of malaria and the hopes for a malaria free Africa, were just gorgeous.

Sometimes, after sitting at a desk writing for hours at a time, and usually writing things like email responses and press releases and informational packets, I lose sight of what I’m really doing. Seeing the film again gave me the chance to remember the reason I sit at that desk is because someday, I want to tell my kids that I played a role in eliminating malaria from all of Africa.

The best thing about Nashville is that no event is complete without some local musicians. Seth Philpott, Rob Blackledge, and Andy Davis each did a few songs.

I’m supposed to write a lot about Rob here. Because, you see, in front of about 300 people, Rob announced into the microphone that “Annie [yep, that’s me] has a blog that people read [yep, that’s you] and tomorrow she’s probably going to write about this.”

Then he began to talk in a high pitched voice and pretend to type on a keyboard. He said things like, “I love Rob Blackledge. He’s so cute.”

Which is funny, except that he is MARRIED TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS so were I to EVER blog that, it would be deeply disturbing.

[So here you go, Rob. You played the song I requested. I blogged about you. Fair trade. 🙂]

But seriously, I hope you guys will take a second to watch the trailer for When The Night Comes on the website. There’s lots of ways for you to get involved. And I’ll definitely keep blogging about it.

Because hello. That’s what I do. AnnieBlogs, remember? 🙂

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