While the team blesses breakfast….

I blog.

Just for your personal knowledge, I am currently feeling sane. And I vaguely remember that I used to feel this way on a regular basis. So that’s good.

Our Scotland mission team is up at Lake Burton for an overnight retreat. It has been beyond excellent. I’m at a total advantage because I have a personal relationship with each person on the team, whereas some of them only interact when our team meets. So it’s cool to be with a bunch of my friends and watch my friends become friends with my friends.

Yep. You heard me.

Last night we took spiritual gifts tests and then shared them. After each person listed their top 3 or 5 gifts, other team members would answer the question “So why is it important for this person to be on our team?”. Nothing brightens my insides like listening to people build each other up like that. It was glorious. Truly.

Packing update? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I’m all moved out of the house, which was WAY less sad yesterday than I planned. I totally mourned the loss on Tuesday night as I drove around Kennesaw. I cried the whole time [shock and awe, I know]. Letting God know my deepest fears, expressed in sadness over the loss of particular paint colors, was so comforting.

It’s so weird. Because He is the one moving me, it’s His voice that said Nashville. And if there is one that I know, it’s that God sold my house. So I recognize that He is the one causing all this. For my good.

Yet at the same time, He is the one comforting me in my sadness over following Him. I think if I knew how to use the word “conundrum“, I would use it here. A puzzle of sorts, a confusing mix.

But with God involved, it’s a beautiful conundrum, if that even works. Here’s what I know it is. Beautiful.

Kurt just said Amen. And there are Belgian waffles.

That’s my cue. Carbs are calling.


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