Would you believe?

That I’m blogging from the Kennesaw public library? Yeah, it’s weird. I’m not 100% sure how it happened- I came to return books, decided instead of dropping them off to come in and pay my fine (all of $2) and then got sucked in to the free computer access. I have a few minutes until I have to be somewhere and so it just made sense to sit a spell and blog.

Thank you for loving me through yesterday. Your emails and comments have meant the world. I laughed when I left school today at 6pm- now, I like my job, but I don’t “work for 11 hours straight” like my job. So I laughed because I never thought I’d use my job as a coping mechanism. Alas. I have amazed even myself today. I am feeling a little better. God’s near.

He always shows up the day right after I pitch a public baby fit, a blog fit (would that be a blit?)- not with answers that I want, but just in a small way. Enough of a way that it leads me to again confess to you that I am weak and He is strong, I am foolish and He is all wisdom. I got a sweet email from a student at church, not one of “my girls” who know how I feel about words (and how I ADORE meaningful emails), but someone else. And God said in that email (in not so many words), “What you want to be….it’s what I want you to be, too.” And that makes my heart sigh with relief.

I’m doing a Bible study called “Blueprint for Life” (it’s REAL good) and I put the CD in my car this morning to listen to the audio portion, and my car won’t play the CD OR spit it back out. It’s like it ate it for breakfast. Disheartening. I’ll solve it, don’t you worry. Though I did already try to pull it out with my travel tweasers (don’t get me started) and that was unsuccessful. I couldn’t get a good grip. I thought about trying that gum on the end of a stick trick, but in the TV shows it always backfires. I should probably leave it to a professional, but now I feel like it’s personal between myself and my car. So I will retrieve that CD. Purge it out, car, before I come in after it.

I meet my students tomorrow. And their parents. Here’s to big fake smiles and somewhat meaningless conversation while all three parties assess the situation and the other people in it. Here’s to hoping they like me more than I like them. That’s ALWAYS a good situation, no matter what.

I gotta get out of this library. It’s starting to creep me out. Two guys next to me are speaking a foreign middle eastern language and laughing. Where I come from, that’s a cue to move on. Quickly. Peace out.

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